"I've worked with several copywriters before, and Hollie was able to match my voice quickly. When I read her work, I feel like I wrote it myself! 
Also, the results speak for themselves... the open rates Hollie gets are much higher than what I used to get writing my own copy, and I love the fresh ideas she brings to the table. Plus, the copy she wrote for one of my funnels won a Clickfunnels '2 Comma Club' award!
Through working with Hollie, I'm able to offload an important money-generator (my copy) to someone I trust so I can focus on the big-picture and scaling my business up."

Molly K., 7-Figure Photography & Online Course Creator

“It's so much easier to have someone bounce ideas off with. I felt like I'd been looking at and editing my websites so many times it was mumbo jumbo. I felt like it wasn't even making sense any more. Hollie had fantastic suggestions on how to rearrange and reword things that I wasn't able to see.

I’ve learned stuff that will help my future writing. I’d heard that I needed to write stories, but I tried to do that and it didn’t work for me, but after having you help me craft one, step by step, showed me what that really means. And now I can use that skill across all my writing.

- Jewell S, Success Coach

Hollie is amazing! She met with me and got to know exactly what I was looking for and what I was struggling with when it came to my copy. She also spent a lot of time listening to testimonials from clients so that she could get clear on what their pain points were and how I helped them. Her turnaround time was incredible and she checked in with me often throughout the process. And the best part--she got to the heart of my message.  Totally took the stress off me so I could focus on other areas of my business. Thank you, Hollie!!!

- Kim H, Online Business & Technical Strategist 

"Working with Hollie was extremely helpful! I came to her with a rough draft of some copy I wanted to publish and she really helped me to think about what I write in new ways that would better cater toward my target audience. She gave me tangible and constructive feedback that offered clarity about the messages I was conveying and how I was organizing the information.
I have to say I've worked with other copywriters in the past that I felt just didn't get me or my message. Hollie gets it! I would recommend her to anyone looking to get real, valuable feedback and concise input."

- Sarah G, Intuitive Self-Acceptance & Empowerment Coach

I was blessed to have a 30 minute session with Hollie and she's a superstar! My gosh, she went through my current copy and was able to highlight the strengths and the areas I could leverage to make my copy stronger. I didn't realize I was sitting on great stuff, I just had to look at it differently and her suggestions were spot on! After speaking to her, I had the courage to update my site with a few key points which helped with visibility. I'm hiring her for my site and charitable organization to really rock my messages out! #HireHollieForCopy

Vanessa C, Event Planner

Hollie is an incredible copywriter!! I'm a decent writer, but have so many blocks around writing for my sales pages. She was able to take my ideas and concepts and turn them into something that far exceeded my expectations. It took all the stress out of writing copy and she did it in my voice! I had held off on updating services for months because it felt so heavy, but just a couple of chats with Hollie and it was a reality! 

Brooke R, Social Media Publicist