You 100% must get clear on your message and consistently communicate with your ideal clients in order to scale beyond where you are.

Here's the deal chica... I see you. I see you serving a few clients a month and making a few thousand a month (or even more!) the same familiar scene gets played out behind closed doors. I know because I lived it.

When I first started my business and got to the point where I was making a few thousand a month, I was thrilled. However, I had a really big dream and vision inside of me to work with many more people, and in turn make more money.

I found myself experiencing a deep case of comparisonitis to other people around me who were shouting on the rooftops how they made $10K a month, and all I could think was...

What am I doing wrong? I know I can help people, and this is not taking off like I hoped. Should I give up?

Here's what I have since realized... there was nothing wrong with me.

I had a strategy issue, not a Hollie issue. I was focused on the wrong things, and I was not being truly generous with the gifts I have to offer this world.

Once I optimized my message and got crystal clear on my goal, I was able to devise a strategy and create an offer to get me to that goal, and it worked.

If you are someone who desires to...

  • Hit a new income level in your business,

  • Generously serve others with your amazing talents, and

  • Make a authentic and positive impact on the world...

Then you're going to want to work with me.


  • Get clear on your message

  • Create a personalized strategy based on your goal and audience to generate leads

  • Develop a 6-month content plan to support you in reaching your goals

  • Hone in on your unique voice and give you the skills you need to communicate it with confidence going forward


How We Will Do It... My Exclusive 4 O Framework

  1. Optimize Your Message: Be able to communicate what you do, and who you serve with confidence.

  2. Own Your Approach: Tap into and define you unique approach to your work, and use that as a springboard for content creation. You'll never run out of things to say!

  3. Openly Give: You do NOT need a huge audience to have success (but if you already do, great!). When you give to your audience generously though your content, 1:1 outreach, and more, you will naturally call the right people forward to work with you at a deeper level.

  4. Offer Your Services: If you make enough offers (we'll figure out exactly how many you need to make to reach your goals) you will meet and exceed your income goals. With my by your side we will navigate any discomfort or objections that come up like pros. You got this!

Inspire your ideal client to take action and buy with the words YOU write.

Master your message.



  • 2-hour, virtual half VIP day to define your message and plan for our time together

  • 12, 30-min Zoom calls over 6 months (approx 2 calls a month)

  • Voxer access to me for 6 months for laser coaching between calls

  • Access to my team and I for editing a feedback (within 48 business hours) on any writing you send to us

Investment: $2500 pay in full or

6 monthly payments of $500

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