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Get your OPT IN FUNNEL done in 4 hours flat with individualized, high-level support for $97!

This is all the support you need to create your opt in and write your welcome email sequence!

Offer includes:

  • 4 hour group Zoom workshop
  • Worksheets for every step
  • FB group open DURING the workshop and for 7 days following the workshop so you can get personalized feedback and support


PART I: Wed, Nov 29 5pm-7pm PST

PART II: Thurs, Nov 30 5pm-7pm PST

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What if I can't attend the live sessions?

You will receive all the materials prior to the live sessions, and recordings of the calls immediate after they conclude so you can complete your opt-in funnel draft. Then you will have access to me via a private Facebook group through end of day Thursday, December 7. You can ask me any lingering questions and also provide me with up to 2 versions of your opt in funnel draft to review in the Facebook group. When I review the drafts it is a full copy review. I will suggest edits and make comments - all with the end goal of making your opt in STRONGER.

How exactly is this going down?

This is a WORKshop (work can be FUN). It's not meant to be a course you listen to then don't implement, quite the opposite actually. During the live sessions we will go through the worksheets together. I'm essentially making you do the work while I am there 😘 . The live sessions are a combination of me presenting material and you actually going to DO the work while I'm accessible live. After the live sessions conclude, you'll have continued access to me via the Facebook group for a week to wrap up any odds and ends.

Why should I make this a priority right now?

Having an email list is CRUCIAL to scale your business. Scaling means growing your business. It could mean you're scaling from $0/month to $1000/month or $5000/month to $10000... either way, that is SCALING. I never met anyone who didn't want to grow their income in some way... so let me support you in getting this critical piece in place.

I suck at writing... I'm not sure I can do this. What do you think?

YOU DO NOT SUCK AT WRITING. Writing for your biz is a skill that can be learned. I promise. With me holding your hand and teaching you during this workshop, you will get better AND you will learn skills that will make you a stronger writer forever. It's a fact. So many of the ladies I've worked with felt like crappy writers but once they had me in their corner cheering them on they gained a ton of confidence. That's available for you too, pinky promise!

I already have an opt-in. Can I still do this?

YES. You can use all these materials and the live calls to rework your existing opt-in or to create a new one. Also, it's good to create a new opt-in every 3-6 months anyway, because as you grow in your skills and in how well you know your audience, it makes sense to provide them with something serves them even better!