You're worth it!

Fresh cup of tea by your side, you open up wordpress and get cracking. Words flow like champagne on New Year’s Eve. You could write about “5 Steps to Get Clear on your Life Purpose” ALL DAY. You know your regular readers are going to eat it up too! Comments, shares, likes, you name it. All spreading your message high and wide. Before you know it, the blog is done and posted - score! Now on to the next to-do - the sales page for your 1-on-1 coaching program.

*insert obnoxious, hold-the-phone record scratch sound effect*

Cue the brain somersaults. Is this any good? Will this even work? Who am I to think someone will invest their hard earned moolah on my coaching? YUCK. How is it possible to go from blogging bliss to this shit feeling in minutes? And to top it off, you’re a freaking coach. You’ve done inner work. Aren’t you above all of these inner worth conversations that don’t serve you?

If only you could get a little boost by having a BFF at your side to guide you in channeling your already stellar writing skills towards rallying your tribe to book those discovery calls so you can get new clients and have that even bigger impact you crave?

I’m that someone. During Copy Rescue we sit side by side for 90 minutes to iron out your copy kinks. You leave feeling PUMPED to call your die-hard tribe to take action. You know you’re worth the investment, and now they will too. Sound good? Contact me when you're in!