You are a miracle

I watched a TEDx Talk this week per the recommendation of one of my coaches, and my jaw literally dropped when I heard what the odds were of any of us being born.

When I say “odds of being born” I mean the odds that you parents mated as well as all past generations, and that none of the plagues or disasters or wars of the past impacted them.

Can you guess what the odds are of you being born?


The odds of YOU being born are ONE in 400 TRILLION 🙀

Now, 400 trillion is a huuuuuge number. It’s honestly hard to wrap my head around. All you really need to know though, is that…

Statistically, you’re a miracle just by existing.

Now, add on top of this the fact that we have this amazing thing called the internet at our fingertips and can create the business of our dreams from the comfort of our pajamas at home, and I’d say we have it pretty damn good.

So why am I telling you all of this?!

Because now is your time. Today is your day. You are ALREADY a miracle just for being here. Now go run with that and make something amazing in your life.

Seize the day 💖

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