[PART 1 OF 2] Is this why nothing is happening?

I’m embarrassed to admit this, but In the first few months of my business I got caught in a vicious cycle🔁.

In my head I was doing all of the things - posting on social media, sending out emails, etc and yet nothing was happening.

People weren’t replying, or commenting, or liking. I felt rejected on a daily basis, like nothing was ever going to work for me to get this business off the ground. My mindset was in the crapper and every day felt like a struggle.

Can you relate?

Every few weeks I’d get so discouraged I would:

  • Throw my hands up in the air🤷
  • Cross my arms🙅🏼
  • Retreat from the online world for a bit🚶🏼‍

Once I got my mind right again I would return with renewed hope, a new title, a different service, and start the whole thing all over again from scratch.

I kept thinking that my problem was what I was selling. No one wanted it. Or that the plan I was being told to follow wasn’t working for me.

Eventually I realized I was the problem, and that’s when things started to shift.

In my fast-paced digital world, I was used to immediate feedback. I could match with 30 men in 5 minutes on Bumble, or share a picture of my nails with my friends on Facebook and immediately get 20 likes.

My name is Hollie, and I’m addicted to instant gratification.

I could not keep my focus on one task for 15 minutes to save my life, so when I was faced with needing to execute consistently over time by maintaining a regular marketing schedule regardless of replies, likes, comments, or shares) - I cracked.

It felt so pointless to be putting all that effort in emails and posts if I wasn’t getting anything in return.

Have you ever felt this way?

The thing I had to realize about this thought was that is was ALL about me. I was being selfish. I was inadvertently telling my audience if you don’t validate me with a response then I’m going to withhold myself from you and I won’t share my gifts or serve you.

Not only that, but who wants to trust someone with their hard earned dough if they are doing a disappearing act every 2 weeks (like I was doing) when the going gets tough? Not me!

Was it any wonder I wasn’t attracting clients?

I got out of this pickle 🥒 by doing 2 things:

  1. I got clear on my message. Your message goes beyond what you offer as your service. It’s the WHY behind what you’re doing. Once I knew my messaging, it was so much easier for me to come up with content. Plus, I had a bigger reason to keep sharing what I was sharing regardless of whether I got a response (but, funny enough, I started getting more response because my message acted like a magnet to attract the right people to me).
  2. I got consistent with my communications. I set up a plan for where and how often I was going to share content with my peeps, then I actually followed through. People started noticing me and trusting me because I was showing up regularly, and I personally felt like a legit business owner rather than a hobbyist.

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