[#TuesdayTip] Resisting working on your site copy? Try this...

“I don’t mind writing. It comes easy for me to write blogs, emails articles, but when it comes to MY website I freeze. I know it needs work and I feel like it’s holding me back, but I can’t even bring myself to open my Squarespace editor.”

I’ve heard variations of this exact statement from 3 amazing women this week and I’m here to tell you: there is another way! If you’re feeling the same YUCK feeling whenever you go to work on your website try this:

  1. Open your Notes app and narrate what you want to say on your page, your phone typing it up for you as you go. If you stumble over your words, keep going!
  2. Take some space, even if it’s just a 10 minute break.
  3. Transfer that writing onto your laptop and edit away!

With this approach you literally capture how you speak in writing, and that’s the BEST way to inject your personality in your copy. And trust me lady, you DO have a personality no matter what you may think 😉

#TuesdayTip: Write how you speak.

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