Are you getting this in your biz? [Part 3 of 3]

It’s Saturday and I’m celebrating my BIRTHDAY (it’s on the 27th but today is my party 🎉). I'll be spending the day enjoying a wine & charcuterie picnic on my Lisa Frank party plates (yep, that's the theme!). I’m going to make this short and sweet since I know you may have some social activities planned yourself!

Recap: I’m sharing the 3 mega mindset shifts I made that led me to doubling my biz this month.

SHIFT 1: I stopped attaching pain to my progress.

SHIFT 2: F**k the rules.

If you read the first email in the series, I shared how I felt like I was hitting an invisible brick wall every month. What I didn’t tell you was that I invested in a specific kind of support to BLAST through that wall for good. Not a coach, a mentor, a therapist, a course, or a Doctor (though I have invested thousands in all of these things). I invested in an energy healer.

Frankly, I’m pretty new to the woo-woo world of all things spiritual. If you would have explained what chakras were to me last summer, my eyes would’ve popped out of the top of my skull from rolling so hard, but over the past year I grew to love the woo. Last month when I diagnosed my recurring invisible wall problem, I knew the one place I hadn’t gone for support was with my energy, so I went there. You would not go to a masseuse for heart surgery. Specific challenges require specific support.

SHIFT 3: Get Support

It can take a village to get momentum going. None of us were meant to go on this journey alone. If the area you need support in is copy, then I’m your gal!

I emailed my list a special birthday offer on Copy Rescue today. If you want to know what it was, contact me!