Living in this trap? [Part 2 of 3]

Yesterday I sent my newsletter at 8:55pm my time. This was HUGE for me. Why? Because I sent it out of “biz hours.” Up until recently I felt like a big lame-o when I didn’t get around to making my social media posts or sending my emails until night. I felt like newsletters should go out in the morning and all my posts should be made by 5pm. Why? I honestly have no idea. My rule about time doesn’t matter. It’s all relative anyway. I have clients in the UK and Australia. To repurpose an old adage, “it’s business hours somewhere.”

My mentor pointed out that I have a whole slew of janky rules that I’ve put around how I should show up in my business. This brings me to…

SHIFT 2: F**k the rules.

Don’t lock yourself in a self imposed cage of rules. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Take action in your biz where/when/how it feels good to you. BONUS points if you celebrate each step of the way like I recommended yesterday :)

Homework: Write down all the rules you put on how you must show up in your business. Cross out those which don’t fit in your life or feel like shoulds. Write down how you want to show up in your biz instead.

Contact me to tell me which rules you are going to say SAYONARA to ASAP.