Is this piece missing in your biz?

Electricity pulsed through your body as clicked the “buy now” button on the all-too-familiar shopping cart page you had seen many times before. It was for the group program of your dreams, run by a BOSS who seemed just like you, and had overcome every obstacle in her path to build a thriving coaching business.If she could do it, you could too. Click. In an instant $5K flowed from you to her signifying it was now YOUR time to design the biz and life of your dreams on your own terms and have an impact in this world.

First you learned mindset, then systems and structures, then strategy, seemingly everything you could possibly need to crush it in your coaching business. $1K  for a snazzy logo and website, a few hundo on Facebook ads to get people to see it, thousands of dollars  on a trip to Paris to graduate with your fellow group program sisters  AND get a professional photoshoot  in the City of Light. Money flowing out, investing in yourself, living as-if you’re already making 6 figures because money is on it’s way back to you. You’re about to hit it BIG.

Then when you get back from Paris, your last available credit card declines at the grocery store 🏼. Turns out you’re maxed. Then you overdraw your checking account without any paying client or income lined up. Reality hits like a ton of bricks. You’ve barely made back less than a tenth of what you’ve spent on your coaching business. What gives? All the trappings of success - the funnel, the ads, the Facebook group - are in place just like your coach showed you, but something is missing…


Things look polished with your branding and photoshoot, and you’ve copied your coach’s success formula to a tee, but where did YOUR message end up? Where are YOUR words? You’ve invested in looking good, but have you invested in sounding good?

Your message is the true backbone of your business - not the photos, or the logo, or the lifestyle.It’s how you communicate what your stand for to your audience, and it’s what gets your ideal clients to fall in love  you and BUY  from you.

Do you know what your message is? Be honest. If the answer is no (or an apprehensive maybe), that's OK. With Copy Rescue I’m yours for 90 minutes to get to the bottom of what your message is. If your answer is YES - that’s amazing too. We’ll spend 90 magical minutes  making sure you’re sharing that message through your online megaphone , loud and clear.

Sounds like a win-win to me, don’t you think? Contact me when you are IN :)

P.S. Catch me live in Success Alchemists Society on Facebook tomorrow at 4pm PST/7pm EST for Teach Your Craft Tuesday. I will be sharing 3 copy MUSTS for spiritual entreprenuers AND talking about what to say on your home page, about page, and sales page. See you there!