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The one thing that's KILLING your About page

I'm on the road this weekend, coming to you from a coffee shop in San Francisco! If you're anything like me, you're probably anxious to get going on your Labor Day weekend, but you may also be planning a few hours of work on your business. If your About page is on the to-do list then you are in luck! I was editing a client About page this week, and she told me she wrote the original as a "drive by" of her whole life. I could tell - it was 9 pages long! It got me thinking...

There's sugarcoating it - the About page is the 2nd most viewed page on a website, so it's important to put your best foot forward, but there is one main About page KILLER I see on a regular basis...

Too Much Life Story

You want to make sure you are sharing the right amount of your life story. Your reader doesn't need to know that you were selling lemonade on the corner at age 5 and thus sealed your fate to become an entrepreneur way back when. She just needs to know why you are the perfect woman to be her business coach right now.

Focus on the present moment, or recent past (last 3-5 years). Save some of the goods for future communication. Don't give away all your stories on the about page! Keep some for future use in emails, social media posts, etc.

I LOVE making About pages SHINE. If you want support fixing up what you already have or to just get started writing that's exactly what my signature offering, The Copy Rescue, is for! It's you and me working together for a MAGICAL hour, busting through any copy obstacles in your path. Shoot me a line or check out the Copy Rescue page for the 4-1-1.