It’s time to stop using lack of money as a reason

For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived paycheck to paycheck. As my salary grew, that remained the case. I was always making just enough to cover my expenses. Isn’t it funny how that works 🙄… I was super used to saying no to things I wanted, like travel, because I never felt like I had enough “extra” to make it work. Can you relate?

If you’ve ever said no to something because of money, keep reading.

In 2015 I started attending a series of local transformational workshops that pushed me to reimagine what was possible in my life. I’ll save you the nitty gritty, but the result was that I finally believed it was possible for me to create the online coaching business I had been dreaming for over 2 years.

At the same time, a success coach I had started following online 5 months prior (and fallen in love with) started offering a 6 months group program aimed at women who wanted to start businesses. The program showed you everything you needed to know to build a thriving online coaching businesses.

The stars seemed aligned AF ⭐️✨

I had to be in this program! There was just one thing…. The program cost $7,000 💸.

Say what?!?!?!

All I could think was “How the f*** am I going to find $7000.” I’m being transparent with you, I curse like that on the reg. Also, what I didn’t mention yet was not only was I living paycheck to paycheck, but I also had $14K in credit card and student loan debt.

My mind kept saying “Hollie, this is crazy! You hardly have 2 pennies to rub together. You can’t spend $7K on yourself! That’s like, a half year of RENT. Or a car.” 

Even with all the alarms 🚨 going off telling me to say no, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this was my way forward. Ultimately, I paid for the program, and it changed my life.

I made the video below just for you to explain the 2 things that allowed me to make my first big business investment of $7K.


Look, I’m sick 🤢 of seeing women using money as an excuse. 

It’s not just an excuse to not start a business. It’s the little things too...

...A reason not to buy that new outfit that will make you feel like a million bucks on your next date, or an excuse to go to the crappy big box gym instead of the pricier exercise studio you know you’d enjoy way more.

...An excuse to not get your nails done even when it’s your absolute favorite splurge or the reason not to buy fresh flowers (they die in a week anyway right?).

Look, whatever goal you desire is meant for you, but it’s up to you to take action towards it. A lot of times that action can be investing money. I guarantee there will be some discomfort. If it weren’t uncomfortable, then you would have it already. 

It all comes down to this:

How bad do you want it?

Email me to let me know!

P.S. I seriously made this video above just for you to reveal the 2 things I did to find money I didn’t think I had ($7K to be exact) to invest in my biz. I never want you to use money as an excuse again. Click here to watch it.