[PART 2 OF 2] Steal my exact communication plan (+ FREE GIFT inside)

As promised, today I’m sharing my exact communication plan with you and revealing HOW I’ve managed to be consistent with it for 5 months (and counting!). Stay tuned for a special gift 🎁 at the end of this post!

How to Come Up with YOUR Communication Plan:

  1. Decide which platforms you are communicating on (Email, Instagram, Facebook Biz Page, Twitter, etc). I recommend starting with 3 platforms (or working up to 3)
  2. Decide how often you are posting to each platform. If it’s emails, start with 2 a week (or 1 even). If it’s a social media platform, start with a minimum of 1 post a day.
  3. Commit to your plan like your life depends on it. That means doing whatever it takes to execute on the plan. Follow the plan for 4 weeks then reassess (ideally increase # of platforms or post frequency).

Let me check in with you.
Do you feel any overwhelm?

If #3 sounds a little intense, I hear you, but you get to take your communication plan seriously. Your business is a business and not a hobbyConsistently executing on your communication will transform your biz. Here are just a few of the benefits you may experience:

  • More confidence in your writing and ease around content creation due to practice
  • Increased trust in yourself because you made a commitment and followed through on it
  • Potential clients will start to notice you and trust you because you keep showing up

At the same time, if you haven’t been consistent up to this point and the thought of jumping to 3 platforms is overwhelming, then meet yourself where you are at. Make a smaller commitment to say, post on your Facebook business page daily and go from there. Stretch yourself but also set yourself up to win.

My Communication Plan:

  • 2 emails sent to my list every week
  • 3 Facebook posts a day
  • 2 Instagram posts a day

It truly is as simple as I described above. I chose 3 platforms and a frequency for each.

How I Execute the Plan:

  1. I plan out my topics for the month at the start of the month. This is very high level so I can have room to shift if needed. For example, this week all I had planned was to talk about consistency and communication planning.
  2. I write my emails first, one week ahead of time. Communicating with y'all on my email list is my #1. I don’t write more than 1 week at a time (yet) but I’m on a cadence where I’m writing a week(ish) ahead (I’m writing this as we speak on May 15th).
  3. I provide emails to my VA. This was a big one for me - it was how “doing whatever it takes” to follow through looked like for me. Was investing in support scary? YES. Do I regret it? HELL NO. Getting someone to help me has been absolutely crucial. I highly recommend hiring support for executing your communication plan if you’re challenged with committing to it, but if you plan to DIY you can do the following steps yourself too.
  4. The 2 emails are scheduled in my CRM system and as blog posts on my website.
  5. The email content is broken up into 3 daily Facebook posts and 2 daily Instagram posts.

That’s it folks! I spend 2 hours a week writing the emails and the rest gets handled by my VA. I cannot tell you how much better I personally feel knowing that I’m showing up consistently for you, my dear audience 💖👯


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