She told me to quit

I’m gonna be straight with you - last Spring/Summer was pretty rough for me mentally. I was convinced I had to leave my corporate job as quick as possible, and I felt like I was failing because I wasn’t putting in notice and jumping into the unknown with no safety net. That’s what I was supposed to do right? Just give a middle finger to corporate so go for this online biz thang?

The fact of the matter was, that didn’t feel right at all because I still hadn’t gotten any clients.

I’m a sensitive person and I tend to cry easily, which I total accept. During this time, I would call my mom a lot, and I would cry.

One day my mom said “maybe you should quit.”

Instantly my stomach locked up. I knew I couldn’t quit. Even though it (at times) felt like nothing was happening or going right, I KNEW quitting was not in the cards for me.

Here’s the thing… my mom is great and she didn’t mean anything by telling me to quit. All she saw was that I seemed to be in pain, and she just wanted to keep me safe.

I’m grateful for that moment with my mom because it showed me how committed I was to making this business work.

Have you ever been doing something that seemed crazy or even masochistic to outsiders (or even to yourself), yet you knew you had to keep going?

Maybe you’re in the midst of it now and you have your mom, dad, partner, or even your own ego telling you to throw in the towel.

If that’s the case then I invite you to frame it as the Universe testing your resolve. I totally get it, it can feel HARD when you’re spending money it feels like you don’t have to get a business going from scratch, or you’re spending every extra moment working instead of with kids, friends, or a spouse.

All I can offer you is, if you know this is what you’re meant to do, even if it feels painful right now, KEEP GOING. It WILL get better.

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I believe in you!

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