I thought she was boring

I joined Facebook group, as many of us do, and commented on a girl’s post. I’ll call her Jenny. Jenny engaged with my comment, and invited me to like her business page (I obliged). Over the next few months Jenny’s posts showed up in my feed. “How to get clarity on your purpose,” “why investing in yourself through coaching is important,” and other 😫YAWNFEST😫 posts including quote graphics for days. She even wore a big a-line Kate Spade skirt and Valentino rockstud shoes. Honestly, everything was forgettable.

A few months later I was at Day 1 of multi-day event for female biz owners. As everyone was milling around waiting for the show to get on the road, I was pouring a coffee from the refreshment table and I got a shoulder tap. Turning, I could tell based on this lady’s eyes and body language that I should’ve known who she was but my brain was blank. Good thing she saved me by almost immediately blurting out “Hey Hollie! It’s Jenny!”

Within 10 minutes she had me nearly choking 😹 as I laughed about what happened to her on the way to the event. It involved a hair dryer and a dog. Don’t ask, it was a long story, but I was in stitches. When I finally got a chance to scope out her outfit I was really surprised. Slick designer jeans, a timeless leather moto jacket, and the coolest booties I had ever seen. She gave out the effortlessly stylish vibe, with edge AND hyper approachability. Nothing about it was as I expected. She was hilarious, engaging, warm, and sassy IRL. Not at all the prim and preppy person I had pictured.

At lunch, I had to ask her “so Jenny, I see you posting a lot in groups and on your page - big kudos on the consistency. How’s things going with your biz?” A wave of discouragement washed over her, I had hit a nerve. “I’ve had 4 discovery calls in 4 months and no sign ups for my 1-on-1 program…”

I have to tell you, whether I liked her posts or not, I would have thought she’d have better numbers based on her consistency. I had to come clean. I admitted to her that I had a very different impression of what she’d be like based on her online presence. She said she LOVED her business coach, and when she started her business she figured it would be safer to follow her lead, all the way down to the shoes she picked for her shoot. I had an inkling if she let her funny, edgy personality show through in her content, things would turn around. We spent the rest of lunch brainstorming what she could tweak in her messaging to bring it into alignment. She went home, did the work, and had a client within 3 weeks.

💜Letting your authentic self shine through your content is key.💜

But what if you actually don’t know yourself so well? And even if you do know yourself, translating it onto the page may not come naturally. That what I’m here for. Your Copy Rescue session can be all about sorting this out as it relates to you and your business. You can’t afford to skip it. Contact me if you’re ready to let your UNICORN-NESS SHINE in your copy. 🦄✨