Real Talk

I saw something on Facebook today that I made me stop and think about something I want to share with you.

One of my IRL friends posted a picture of her in a plane ✈️ on the way to Europe, and someone commented "Have fun so much fun! [I'll come] Next year!"

That "next year" part really got me thinking...

How many times have you thought you wanted something, but you said you'd do at some magical time in the future when you'd all the sudden have enough time ⏰ or money 💰 to make it happen?

It's so easy to let the circumstances of time, money, or inconvenience keep you from doing something. Trust me, I've been there myself!

But here's what it comes down to [FIRST NAME GOES HERE]: the magical world of "next year" or "next quarter" or "next month" doesn't exist.

If you really want something it's up to you to take the actions you need to take today to bring it into your reality.

I know you have something on your heart that you really want to create NOW.

However, I also know how much easier it feels to stay safe & cozy 😴 in your comfort zone letting your outside circumstances dictate not to go for it.

Can you see how this is a cycle that gets you nowhere?

It's time to break the cycle.

If that thing you want is a thriving business that allows you to serve other people and live the lifestyle you want, I'd love to support you.

I am 100% committed and passionate about helping women like you do work they love, and you are next!

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