Do THIS each time you communicate to your peeps

A flyer arrives in your inbox for a free appetizer at the hot, new restaurant down the street - SCORE. You go in with your BFF 👯 to claim your spinach and artichoke dip, and you both just have to have one of their signature artisan cocktails. And heck, it’s your night out so why not each grab an entree?! Before you know it, you're both full to the brim on awesome food and making plans to come back in a few weeks.

Guess what? You’ve just been FUNNEL’D.

The coupon for the free appetizer = a lead magnet. The drinks and entrees = upsells!There is one thing this simple funnel did amazingly well... it led you to the next natural step. Get the coupon and the next step is to go to the restaurant. Then the waiter takes over from there and leads you through ordering drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

Us online biz owners have oodles of opportunities to put this same principle to work in everything - videos, social media posts, blogs, all of it!

So, are you inviting your client to take the next natural step?

It’s asking for comments or share, directing them to a landing page, or even asking for the sale. Anytime you communicate with your audience, invite them to take the next step.

Comment below to let me know what magic ✨ happens when you implement this into your communications! I predict you'll have new people commenting, writing back, or sharing in no time 😁