What's keeping you from landing the $5K client

Today I'm revealing to you what really happened to me in January...

I had been applying for corporate jobs for 3 months. Yes me, the girl who proudly proclaimed to the public that I was leaving corporate last April FOR GOOD was secretly searching for a corporate job on the side.


Because it felt like nothing was going how I wanted it too in my business. I was barely making enough money to pay my bills each month and I had actually gone 4 months without ANY sales - yes $0 - in 2017.

Talk about having every reason in the world to not believe in myself and what I was doing. Can you relate?

BTW - my mind is going off right now thinking - gosh I should not tell you any of this because I'm worried you'll judge me or think "what the hell can this chick teach me?"

But I value authenticity even more and I don't think there is enough of it in this online coaching space so onwards I will go.

Have you ever felt crippled by a lack of belief in yourself?

It's a hard place to be. You see more for yourself but you simultaneously can't muster an ounce of belief that you can have it. It feels like you are putting yourself through cruel and unusual punishment.

At my in-person mastermind in January, I was feeling LOW. I had just been rejected for a corporate job I was convinced I was going to get, and I did not know why I was paying the price of a car to be there in a room of 6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs when I could barely make ends meet.

What I realized during those 2 days is that, while I may not be 100% clear on my big vision, I'm getting clear. I KNOW want time and location freedom in my life, and that is something I won't find in a normal corporate environment so that environment is NOT for me. However, I may be able to find this working for someone else. I am open.

After this big ah-ha, I landed 2 new clients that have since netted me $7K in sales so far.

Why the quick shift? That brings me to my TuesdayTip for today... I realized I needed to:

Focus on WHAT IS WORKING not what isn't.

Here's what did work during my first 9 months out of corporate:

  • I built an audience of over 2000 people
  • I got clear on what I'm good at and how I can serve (more to come on that in the coming months!)
  • I invested $20K in myself and, even if it wasn't always pretty, I experienced massive shifts

The other big shift I've had is getting rock solid in my value. My 2 main pain points with my biz had been 1) I'm not making enough money 2) I'm working constantly.

Guess what? I created this reality for myself. I created a situation where I felt I wasn't being compensated enough for my work.

This realization is FINALLY what is getting me to charge my worth.

And it doesn't always look pretty. I left a contract early and did a partial refund last week. Oh, and I decided NOT to host an accountability group that I was going to charge $47 for. It just does not align with my goals.

My 2nd TuesdayTip for today...

If you are struggling to make the money you desire - step 1 to getting out of it is to own the fact that you are creating that reality for yourself.

I know that may seem counterintuitive - like "hey, Hollie, I would never choose to struggle the way I'm struggling now" but trust me, you are choosing it in some way.

Once I decided to own my worth, I welcomed in $7000 in sales within a month and a half.

Lately, if I waver in my sense of value, I remind myself of something one of my oldest friends told me last month:

"I'm really impressed by you and have always been. I always believed in you - and I see you following a path to success, not all our paths are linear, and you have really worked hard to find your best self."

Do I have something to teach you? Maybe, maybe not. I won't be for everyone just like you won't be for everyone either. I AM for the woman who wants to find her best, authentic unicorn self.

I am for the woman who wants to be brave and pursue her dreams no matter what.

I am for this woman because she is me.

If you made it this far, comment below to let me know what resonated with you in this.