Keep taking action [LESSON 3]

When I first started my biz, I saw so many women who were accomplishing huge things: 6 figure months, 7 figure years, speaking on big stages, impacting thousands, I could go on and on. It was inspiring but also daunting. I had no idea how I’d get from where I was (I hadn’t even had a client) to where they were.

Eventually, I learned the behind the scenes stories for a few of the entrepreneurs I admired the most, and I realized they were A LOT like me. They also started from ground zero and had even had some of the same challenges and trials along the way. Knowing this was a huge relief because I knew if they started like me and got to where they were today, then I could do the same.

This realization was actually the main inspiration behind the GO FOR IT Summit. I wanted women to have access to 21 inspirational stories all in one place. Funny enough, there is one thing ALL the experts had in common, and it’s the 3rd lesson I’m sharing with you today.


It doesn’t matter how large or small the action is, as long as you are doing something to move yourself towards your biz or life goals your energy is going in the right place, and eventually you will get what you want.

Here was the trick that a lot of the experts shared: break down your “to-dos” into the smallest pieces possible, and start chipping away at them even if it’s only one a day. Trust me, “launch website” feels a lot more doable when it’s broken down into smaller tasks: buy domain, sign up for hosting, pick a theme, etc. You can even use a tool like Asana to keep track of all the little pieces. I use Asana myself, and it’s SO satisfying when I check off a task no matter how small it is.

I want to know…

What is a bigger goal you have, and what is one small piece you can get done today?

Send me a message to let me know!