It broke my heart

This week someone told me she is putting her business on hold because she’s not making any money and she’s got bills to pay.

It broke my heart 💔

If building a business was easy, everyone would do it. However, you DO want to do it so I’m here to let you in on a little secret...

If you have a business or want to start a business then you have to accept that you are STRONG AS HELL.

strong as hell

If you don’t know where to start or you feel like quitting, you are still strong as hell. Heck, even if you already quit you are still strong. Why? Because you can get back into it at any moment.

It’s time to:

  • Unlock you inner entrepreneurial badass-ness,
  • Take yourself and your dreams seriously, and
  • Get your first client (or your next client).

I’m super passionate about helping you get started, so I’m opening up my calendar tomorrow and Friday for you to have a free 30-minute session! There are only a limited number of spots available:

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You could keep going all on your own…but how has it been going so far?

Wouldn’t it feel better to have someone else mentoring you so you knew exactly what to focus on to get your first client?

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