I can’t believe I sent this

I sent my farewell email to my corporate colleagues a few weeks ago, and I wanted to share it with you in full below.

The reason I share this with you is because I want you to know that you can create anything you want in your life.

When I first started wanting a business, it was FOUR years ago, and I had no clue how I would make it happen.

When I followed my heart and started getting support and guidance, that’s when I FINALLY started to see progress. But, as I say in the email below, it took taking risks and doing things others would think are crazy (especially when it came to finding the time and money for it all).

Here was my final corporate email:


As I sit down to write this, it feels surreal.


To be honest, this is a moment I've fantasized about many times over. But not because this is a bad place. In fact, looking back now I can't think of a better place to have spent my first (nearly) 7 years of post-college life. I fantasized about this moment because I always knew I was meant to do something great and have an amazing life, but I was completely disconnected from what that would look like for me.

My 20s have been all about uncovering what success means to me (and then subsequently going after it), and I'd be remiss to recognize the many opportunities this company has afforded me that helped me along my path. Sometimes being here gave me contrast, showing me the things I did not want, and other times it showed me what I did want. But all and all, I'm not sure I'd be where I am today (moving into full time entrepreneurship) if it wasn't for this experience.

If I can leave you with one piece of wisdom, it's that I believe we are all meant to LOVE our lives. This will look different for each of us, and it doesn't mean there will never be challenges or obstacles in our path or discomfort, but we were not put on this earth, at this time, in these circumstances, to suffer.

That said, creating a life you love may require doing things "against the grain" or taking risks, and it definitely requires being brave and developing an unwavering belief that loving your life is not only possible for you, but is MEANT for you.

Look for ways to create joy, happiness, and love each day in your life, and you WILL eventually get there. Enjoy the journey because it's full of learning and growing as you get closer and closer to your true self. Then maybe 4 years from now (that's how long I've wanted to have a business!) you'll look back and be utterly astonished at what you created. It just takes 1 step to start.

Let me know if something in the message above stood out to you by leaving a comment.

I believe in you  🦄


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P.S. Did you know I was on the Markitta in Your Business Podcast last week?! In this interview, Markitta G and I discuss my entrepreneurial journey and the importance of knowing your message as well as:

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  • Taking action

  • Self-care

  • Manifesting your dreams

  • Rituals

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