How to attract more clients

Waking up to a to-do list a mile long, with only about an hour to get things done before I transitioned over to my corporate work for the day.

What the eff should I work on first?! I should probably get my social media scheduled out and send some emails to my list, because they say it’s important to be visible… but what do I write?!

Before I knew it, the hour was gone.

Then my corporate Manager life commenced, and by the time I wrapped my work for that job at 6pm, I was so exhausted so I couldn’t rely on myself to be productive in my own biz. Another day passed without progress.

Thanks for taking a walk down memory lane with me. This was literally my reality 9 months ago when it came to my business.

I was flailing around and getting nowhere fast.

In September something shifted and I had a $2K month in my biz 🎉

I know you’re probably thinking… “Hollie, what shifted?!” The secret was… I got clear on a little thing I now call my message.

Knowing your message is CRUCIAL to attracting more clients.

Once I knew my message (around September) it because SO much easier to show up online authentically. My content made sense with my brand. And because it was easier to come up with content, I was able to show up consistently. This built TRUST.

There's no doubt your message is a super important foundational piece in your business. This is exactly why I created a 3 part video series to walk you through uncovering your own message!

In this video series you will learn:

  • WHY knowing your message is important, and the basic elements of a message statement
  • 3 questions to answer in order to get clear on what your message is (+ BONUS worksheet!)
  • How to get over any hurdles you may have around uncovering your message


This series is for you if you have no idea where to start in your business, AND it's for you if you already have a business. Definitely check it out!


P.S. Knowing your message is so important. And trust me, you do have a message even if you don’t know it yet! Click here to sign up for the video series so you can uncover it!