Hobbyist or pro? It’s up to you

Let me tell you about someone I know. She started a business and wanted clients, but for some reason they weren’t coming. She spent a lot of her with her arms crossed 🙅🏼 feeling pissy about it because she felt like she was doing all the things, but taking a look under the hood revealed some interesting stuff...

  • If she felt sick, she didn’t show up.
  • If things felt hard, she hid in inactivity.
  • If her friends invited her out on a random weeknight she’d ditch her biz commitments in a heartbeat.
  • If she had a taxing day at her 9-5 she’d put off sending her newsletter until tomorrow.

This girl was me 6 months ago. Hindsight is 20/20. My lack of clients at the time is no surprise to me now. The fact of the matter was…

I was treating my biz as a hobby.

I was showing up if and when it was convenient to me and then having mini tantrums when things weren’t going how I wanted. But everything shifted once I realized:

Being a pro means doing what it takes to show up consistently and honor your commitments.

Once I got this, I was doing things like:

  • Making a newsletter/social media schedule and sticking to it.
  • Hiring a VA to help me keep up with my communication plan as I took on more clients.
  • Waking up at 5am a few days a week to get things done.
  • Only attending social activities that were special and connection centered.

So I have to ask you, where are you at on the spectrum from hobbyist to pro?

Be honest about where you are at, but don’t judge yourself. There is no right or wrong place to be.

Now I want you ask yourself - what is one commitment you could make and execute on that would move you one step closer towards being a pro?

If getting consistent in your communication is it, like it was for me, then I’m here to support you. Check out my Live on this very topic, and get the accompanying free guide here.

BONUS TIP: Enlisting support and accountability can help you ensure you follow through on the commitment. The more you follow through on your commitments, the more you’ll build confidence in yourself. Set yourself up to win. Make a goal for one month out, and reassess how you did in a month’s time.

I would love to support you with a free 1:1, 20 min Copy Plan call. Click here to book.

During this call, we can go over your Communication Plan or anything else you need help with when it comes to copy. The only thing standing in your way is making a decision to book.

Are you committing to your biz like-no-💩 to your biz and becoming the pro you’re meant to be? Send me a message to share your commitment with me!

💜 Hollie