Feel like things are going south? Try this…

In Wednesday’s post I talked about some of the questions I asked myself to get out of a business funk. This past year I’ve learned a new way of looking at things that happen in my life, “good” or “bad,” that REALLY helps me put things in perspective, and I want to share it with you today. Whenever something happens that I didn't expect, I just ask myself…

What is this mirroring for me?

What am I meant to learn from this?

We can only receive that which we are truly ready to. Life gives us opportunities to learn the lessons we need to in order to be able to receive what we are really looking for.

For example, in my personal life I’m looking to meet a partner. Through the dating process, I’ve been given a ton of lessons to teach me my self-worth, because this is one of the biggest areas I needed to grow in in order to attract my man.

For example, if a guy cancels a date on me twice, I release him because I’m worth more. I’m worth a guy who can follow-through. In the past, I would have bent over backward to still make the date happen. But now, I see that I was given this experience as a chance to step into my self-worth and take a stand for more. This changes the whole game. Instead of being annoyed or irritated, I become grateful for the experience.

Tell me, do these questions give you any additional insight on something going on in your life?

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