The 🗝 to finding balance

Let me give you a glance into my September:

  • Huge, life-altering breakthrough with a coach around my mindset ✔️
  • Being visible for my business with consistent daily posts ✔️
  • Weighing it at a 17lb lost since June ✔️
  • Birthday compelte with a dope party and trip to Austin ✔️
  • Signing my 10th client ✔️
  • Making my first 4 figure month in my biz ✔️

As you can see, I was generally rocking and rolling it. But somewhere around the middle of all that...

My bank account overdrew 💸, and I had no money coming in for at least 3 days.

YEP, that happened. And the reason I share this with you today is that I’ve noticed:

I tend to feel like I’m letting at least one area of my life fall by the wayside at any given moment.

Do you ever feel that way? I hope it’s not just me… And here’s the thing, I’m no millionaire but as I’ve mentioned before, I still have a day job so I have enough money to support myself. BUT cash flow is a real thing. As is budgeting, saving, investing, and all that other adulting stuff.

This overdraw experience (not my first, but my largest…) was my big wake up call to spend some energy on this area of my life in order to achieve balance. The other thing I’ve noticed is that:

Getting the right support helps everything get balanced ⚖ much faster.

In my case, I came across a money coach randomly on Instagram (although nothing is truly random, thank you Universe) and I’ve been learning a TON from her blog posts and even bought her info product. Now I’m confident in my plan going forward and I’m already seeing results!

What is one area of your life that you feel may be falling by the wayside, and what’s one way you could get support on it? Comment below to let me know.

If money is that area for you too, I want to point you to 2 amazing FREE resources from my pals Magda and Jewell.

Magda has a stellar 5 day challenge that makes saving $5K super simple and feasible no matter what your income. I’m in the challenge myself cuz I’m all about building that emergency fund right now! ðŸ¤‘

My pal Jewell has an EFT quick start guide and tapping for money video up for grabs. There are 2 ways to widen the gap between income and expenses, and this is a perfect support for that! ðŸ’°

💜 Hollie

P.S. If your biz copy is the thorn in your side right now, then I’M YOUR GIRL. Contact me if you desire any support with copy so we can chat about it ASAP.