Ready to double your biz? [Part 1 of 3]

It was that time yet again. Each and every month without fail I felt it…

*bump* *bump* *bump*

The momentum I built over the course of the month was propelling me forward… into a WALL. An INVISIBLE brick wall. For the next few days I meagerly chipped away at the wall. Sometimes I made half-assed attempts to climb over it, but ultimately I always resorting to digging a hole to go under it. While this method always worked, there was one main drawback. I had to climb all the way back out of the hole on the other side before I could resume my forward momentum.

All in all, this process took DAYS, and I repeated it every month. It was damn exhausting. I wasn’t getting anywhere I wanted to be (big surprise). I felt perpetually stuck.

This month, something changed. I finally HEARD a message I had been told for a while. I heard it loud and clear. Ever since that moment, I’m on track to have my biggest month yet in my biz all because I made 3 EPIC shifts, and I want to share them with you over the next 3 days.

SHIFT 1: I stopped attaching pain to my progress.

I had a screwed up relationship with goals this year. If I didn’t hit the “goal” I would make myself feel like a complete failure. I never celebrated what I did accomplish. It didn’t mean anything unless I got to THE GOAL. What was the result? I felt like 💩 all the time. Nothing I ever did was enough. NOT GOOD. Then my coach challenged me to do something radical...

The Challenge: Record “wins” every day and CELEBRATE them fully.

That was 2 weeks ago. Guess what happened? My business TRANSFORMED before my eyes, doubling in 2 weeks. Pretty f*cking magical 🦄✨. If this message hit home or you’re going to give the challenge a try, contact me to let me know!