(Life Lessons from Dating #5) Revealing my secret

This is the last life lesson from dating (for now), and none of these lessons would have materialized if it wasn’t for one thing… SUPPORT. I have a secret to tell you… I’m not doing this alone. I’m currently in a year-long group coaching program focused on meeting my man!

Life Lessons from Dating #5: Get support.

The reason I tell you this is that I know I’ve written more than one email, blog post, etc about the power of getting support and I want to show you that I listen to that advice too.

If it wasn’t for the group program, I would have taken 0 steps towards re-entering the dating world. That’s a fact. Instead, I stepped out of my comfort zone (this program costs thousands) to get the support of other women going through the same process, and coaches to guide me.

Here’s a list of the “support” I currently have in my life:

  • 12-month group love coaching program
  • 12-month group business coaching program
  • Summit building program
  • High-level business membership site
  • Energy healer
  • Therapist
  • Business accountability partner
  • Meditation accountability partners
  • Kick-ass virtual assistant
  • Fluff & fold laundry service

It takes an army to build something amazing, and YOU are worth it!

What’s one way you could get support in your life/business in the next week? Send me a note to tell me about it!