(Life Lessons from Dating #4) Are you doing this simple thing everyday?

So I’ve noticed a funny pattern in my dating life. If I feel negative, annoyed, frustrated, etc I get very few matches, even fewer replies, and definitely no interesting conversations.

When I do something as simple as open the app and say to myself: “I’m going to match with great men who will write me back,” before I start swiping, my success rate soars! Lots of messages, date requests, etc. This led me to realize...

Life Lessons from Dating #4: Your mind is powerful. Live and act with intention.

The same thing happens in my business/life. If I go into my day after setting an intention “I will have a powerful day” everything plays out SO differently (really good!) than if I just jump into work without being grounded in an intention.

What’s an intention you can set for the rest of today or for tomorrow? Send me a message to let me know.