(Life Lessons from Dating #3)

This is it! All the sudden I knew what had been holding me back. The limiting belief was clear as day, and as with any sudden realization, it felt both painfully obvious and abruptly unforgettable.

Have you ever had an experience like this? An immediate knowing that caused you to feel transformed in an instant? When it happens to me I feel enlightened, energized, and hopeful all at the same time. The only problem is…

My outer world doesn’t match up right away. In fact, sometimes I feel like yelling “Hey Universe! I have definitely changed. When the heck are you going to catch up with me?!”

In dating, this has happened to me dozens of times. I have a date drought until I uncover something juicy about myself and shift it. I stay stuck in my drought for a bit longer until the new change is fully integrated, then I’ll get a food of dates. It just shows me…

Life Lessons from Dating #3: It takes your external reality some time to catch up to changes in your inner world.

So, have you shifted anything recently that you’re waiting for your external world to catch up on? Send me a message to tell me about it!