(Life Lessons from Dating #2) White knuckles suffocate your dreams

On Wednesday I told you about how I just unmatched a ton of seemingly great men on Bumble to make room for men who are great AND committed to enter my reality. Entertaining uncommitted/flaky men was diverting my attention away from finding the committed man I truly wanted.

There was another thing this Bumble “clean out” showed me… I was living in HUGE scarcity. I seriously felt like the guys in my queue were all I would get so I had to hold on to them with a vice grip, even though I knew they weren’t showing up in the way I truly desired. This led to...

Life Lessons from Dating #2: You’ll only get more of what you are focusing on. Are you focusing on scarcity or abundance?

Guess where else has this has come up for me... Investing in my business. BOY were my first investments scary. I felt like I had an invisible hand gripping my throat when I thought about spending money I didn’t feel like I had to make my dreams a reality. I was living in total and complete scarcity about the whole thing, but I reached a point where I literally had no other option.

I knew if I didn’t take the leap of faith NOTHING would change. As my mentor Emily Williams says, “You can either be scared or rich.” So I did it, I made investments, took the action, and now over a year after that first investment my momentum is building exponentially and I’m met with an abundance of opportunity at every turn.

Is there any area of your life where you are being ruled by scarcity? If so, how can you shift to an attitude of abundance? Send me a note to let me know!