(Life Lessons from Dating #1) Would you unmatch yourself?!

Have you been on Bumble? Or Tinder or one of the many other “swiping” dating apps? If not, that’s fine. They didn’t exist last time I was dating, but they do now, and I’m in deep in the dating world, so I’m spending a lot of time on them.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, you swipe left on people you want to pass on, right on people you like. If both of you indicate a like, a chat room opens. From there you can converse, set up a meeting, or “unmatch” the person if you changed your mind on them.

I just went through my Bumble matches and “unmatched” a ton of men. Why? The conversations died, were stagnant, or were very sporadic.

I’m committed to finding a partner, and I realized I was clogging my reality with all these men who weren’t really committed, hoping something would still happen with them. These were all men who seemed great and said they were looking for a relationship (I asked) yet their actions told a different story. This process led me to realize...

Life Lessons from Dating #1: If you want something but don’t have it, check in with your actions. Do they show you’re committed to getting that desire? If not, shift the desire or your actions.

Tell me, what’s one goal that you are working towards? Do your actions SHOW you are committed to it, or not? How can you shift? Send me a note to let me know!

P.S. Stay tuned for Life Lessons from Dating #2 on Friday!