CONFESSION: How I really got my first client

I want to tell you how I got my first client today.

My first client was not someone who booked a call off my pristinely designed website with professional photos.

She was not a lead I got from spending $900 on Facebook Ads.

And she definitely was not someone who went through my opt-in funnel.

CONFESSION: My first client was a friend from my group program.

And do you know who my 2nd & 3rd clients were?

They were other friends from that same group program.

Guess who my next clients were?

Referrals from my friends in that group program.

I eventually created over $20K in sales from organic referrals and networking.

I have to be honest, I felt a little vulnerable when I first decided to share this with you.

Why? Because saying I got my start with plain-ol referrals isn’t very sexy. It took effort and hustle. I didn’t set up a funnel and make $100K in my sleep. Or use Facebook Ads. Or do any of those “cool” things.

Now, I’m not saying referrals are the only way to do things, or that any of the other methods I’ve mentioned are bad. In fact, I FIRMLY believe growing an email list is crucial to building a sustainable, scalable business.

ClaireMorrisPhotography_022 copy.jpg

What do you do before you have an email list?

What do you do when you want to have money coming in to pay for your biz investments so you don’t go into heaps of debt?

You leverage what you have - your network, your community - and get STARTED.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I want you to know the truth. I didn’t use any fancy methods to make the first $20K in my business. And you don’t have to either. I used what I already had to get started, and you can too.

Keep going. I believe in you.

I’m not special. I’m just like you. I got my first client and you can too. As Marie Forleo says, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.”


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