Coaches - 3 tips for a successful flash sale (Black Friday and beyond)

I’m knee deep in writing copy for several of my clients’ sales this week (it’s that time of year - Black Friday is here!)… and I’ve coached several other clients on how to run their flash sales over the past few weeks.

It got me thinking…. if you plan to run a flash sale this week (or at some point soon)... then I have some tips for you to make it a success.

FYI: A flash sale is a sale running for a period of 1-3 days, and this week in particular is a popular time to run a sale. We have Black Friday on the Friday after Thanksgiving, followed by Small Business Saturday then Cyber Monday.

On to the tips…

Tip 1: Your offer should be a low ticket price.

Price your offer at $197 or less.

I hate seeing coaches undervalue their time. Don’t directly sell your high-ticket 1:1 coaching package as a Flash Sale.

Selling an existing high ticket offer (ie something you sell for $1000 or more) at a steep discount doesn’t work. It brings the value of the offer after the sale in question. If I could buy you’re super high-level course or your 1:1 program at a fraction of the cost, why should I pay full price?

Think of your flash sale offer as a foot in the door to your world. It’s a taste of things to come, and a way for you to draw out your hottest leads.

Tip 2: Make your offer intentional.

A flash sale is not about throwing together every piece of content you have into a box, saying it has a value of a bajillion dollars, slapping a price tag of $47 on it and hoping it sells.

When you are crafting the offer, ask yourself:

  • What problem do I want to solve?

  • How can I solve it?

For example, I was speaking with one of my new clients about her offer, and she wanted to include 5 videos she had made on various topics.

I suggested that instead of her giving the audience 5 videos at once (talk about possible overwhelm or procrastination), she should drip the videos out one day at a time and call it a mini course.

Not only does positioning it as a mini-course make it sound higher value, but it also increases the ability of her audience to pay attention and CONNECT with her through consuming the information. Her amazing videos will not transform any lives if they go unwatched.

Here are some things you can consider including in the package:

  • Pre-recorded videos and even webinar replays (remember the point above about presenting them in a way that your audience will actually consume them)

  • A live masterclass or workshop (GIVE your audience an experience without a sales pitch that helps them solve a problem)

  • A 1:1 call with you (I highly recommend this if you want to generate leads and possible buyers from this offer - having private calls with people will give you the best idea of who to later offer your coaching package to)

Make your offer all about solving an acute challenge your client has and deliver on it!

Tip 3: Don’t underestimate the power of 1:1 outreach to sell this.

It can be tempting to think that you can throw a couple emails and social media posts out into the interwebs for a $97 offer and sell a ton because it’s “such a steal,” and if you are thinking that right now, then you are shooting yourself in the foot.

Like I said before, a flash sale should be intentional. That being said, once the package is ready and the sale is live, be sure to reach out to those in your audience who you know it would make a difference for individually.

Reach out to warm leads, people you’ve done sales calls with, past clients or highly engaged followers to personally let them know you thought of them when creating the package and invite them to step in.

BONUS Tip: Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

For example… with the timing of your sale, a lot of sales will be happening this week Fri - Mon after Thanksgiving.

Most of our email inboxes will be filled with offers from traditional retailers, let alone other coaches and service providers that you follow.

Have you thought about doing your sale at another time? Maybe around your birthday? Or around a holiday relevant to your niche (like Valentine’s Day for a love coach)?

Did this post support you? Let me know in the comments!