[CH 2 of 5] That time I cried in the bathroom at work

Tears flowed down my face as I sat in the bathroom stall at work.

Is this really happening again?

It seemed like a normal day at the start, but then my boss lashed out at me in our morning call, and there I was yet again, crying in the bathroom stall at work.

I didn’t even want to work here, let alone deal with this crap.

Unfortunately, this was a regular occurrence. I had actually perfected the quiet cry so I could sneak away into the bathroom anytime I need to bawl my eyes out, then return to work once my red face had calmed...

I didn’t understand. I thought this job at a Big 4 firm was supposed to be the answer. It was a place tons of people would kill to work for, a place that would allegedly “open so many doors.”

None of that was happening, and I actually felt miserable.

Yet at the same time I had NO IDEA what I would do instead of this. I felt completely and totally trapped, frustrated, and confused.

How could I want to leave corporate so bad, yet have no idea what I’d do next?

Eventually I did escape, and as promised yesterday, I want to share with you the first step I took to make it happen.

The first step I had to take to get out of corporate was GETTING CLEAR on what I wanted.

And “leaving corporate” was NOT clear enough. I had to know where I was going after. What did I need from my next job? etc….

As hard as it may feel to do this, getting clear is CRUCIAL.

Tomorrow I’m going to explain HOW I got clear. I can’t wait to share this with you so you can get clear too! Look for the subject “[CH 3 of 5] HOW to start your corporate escape” tomorrow.

P.S. Yesterday I said I was going to give you the first step in quitting corporate, and I did. That first step is getting clear. What do you think?