3 Tips to Build Your List with a Quiz

Here's the deal... you don't have a business if you don't have buyers.

I recommend that you build an email list in order to create a pool of potential buyers to marketing to.

I organized and hosted an online summit about email marketing this past December. During that summit I interviewed 28 experts all about how they've used email marketing to build their businesses.

Guess what tip was shared the most? Quizzes.

Specifically, quizzes as a way to build and segment your list.

Right after my summit concluded, I was invited to partner with Interact to build a quiz. Talk about timely!

Now that I've built my first quiz, here are my top 4 tips to build your list with a quiz:

1: Decide what would add value for your audience.

Look, a quiz about "which Disney Princess are you?" is fun and all, but does it really add any value for your audience? Instead, think about what insight you can give to your audience that will help them move closer to the end result you help them achieve.

In my case, I help people get more clients, so I decided to make my first quiz a personality quiz that bucketed each quiz taker into one of 4 categories and provide specialized advice to attract more clients based on which category them ended up in.

2: Determine what would be helpful for you to know about your audience.

A quiz is a natural way to segment people into different groups. Why not choose categories that would make your life easier in some way? For example, if you are a business coach you could make a quiz to diagnose where your audience members are getting stuck in the process. Maybe they are low on leads or maybe they have plenty of leads but lose people when they have the selling conversations. 

Knowing which category a person falls in means you can cater future email communications to speak directly to them and their specific challenges. In my first quiz, I offered 3 personalized tips for attracting more clients depending on which result the respondent got, but only if she opted in with her email.

Interact integrates with tons of CRMs and makes tagging people based on their results SUPER easy in the Integration portion of your quiz building process.

3: Make it fun!

Just because your quiz should add value and segment your peeps doesn't mean it can't be fun! I really like how easy this is with Interact. Try coming up with a fun theme for your quiz (I naturally chose Unicorns) and use lots of pictures in the quiz. You can even use pictures as answer choices!

Now for the moment of truth...



Ready to build a quiz of your own?

Sign up for Interact yourself by clicking here. There are tons of pre-made quizzes which make the process SUPER easy!

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[TuesdayTip] What are you saying with your moo-lah?

My friend has an amazing jewelry line. She graciously let me borrow 2 pieces for my birthday and I promptly fell head over heels in love with them. She said there was no rush to pay, so I had it on my list all October “Pay Laura,” but with my birthday festivities, trip to Austin and other things I never felt like I had the money. I was holding on to the funds I had with a vice grip, telling myself business is slow this month… it can wait…

Me wearing my NewRoxity pieces :)

Me wearing my NewRoxity pieces :)

Then today rolled around and I decided enough was enough! I paid her even though I still felt like I didn’t have the cash for it. And guess what? I got a payment from a client and someone else accepted a proposal within the hour after I paid.

What I realized in that moment was that I was blocking abundance by hoarding my money. I was feeding into my old stories - money is scarce and making money is hard. The moment I released these stories - the gates opened up! This brings me to today’s tip...

TuesdayTip: Money is energy. What are you “saying” with your money?

In the early stages of a business, cash flow can be a challenge. I get it. But are you spinning your wheels doing tasks that suck the life out of you just because you’re afraid to spend money on some support?

I'm not saying you need to spend thousands on a coach tomorrow to prove something, but if social media drives you nuts, would hiring a VA to help with that for a few hours a week be so bad? Aren't you worth it? What could you create with your new found mental space after making this investment?

If copy is that area you need support in (trust me, you'll know if it is) then I am here for you! In Copy Rescue, we work side by side for 90 whole minutes to get a ton done! How would it feel to hit PUBLISH on your new website vs continuing to stare at that website copy, wondering if it's good enough? This is what Copy Rescue gives you. Payment plans are available. Contact me so we can talk!

💜 Hollie

P.S. My friend's jewelry line is NewRoxity. Check it out! I’m not affiliated I just love it THAT much <3 

[#TuesdayTip] Put this first

POP QUIZ: What would you work on first?

  1. Newsletter to list
  2. Your personal journaling
  3. Sending a proposal to potential client

It may surprise you... but my answer is #2! Why? Let's dive in.

Yesterday, I wrote an article to submit for publication. So what, right? I'm a Copywriter after all. WELL, every week when Sunday rolled around I would faithfully move the to-do "write article" into the new week of my planner. Before I knew it, 2 whole months had passed and still no article...

This situation reminded me of something my wise mentor told me, and is the inspo for this week's tip!

#TuesdayTip: Take care of YOU first.

Whether you're a biz owner or not, it's SUPER important to do your personal passion project first. Whether that's writing your novel, jotting down your gratitude, doing some yoga, meditating, or watching a silly TV episode - make it happen YO!

When you feel fulfilled and balanced your biz and life will flourish.

What is one thing you usually let slide that you're now going to prioritize? Comment below to let me know!

💜 Hollie

[#TuesdayTip] Time to make rainbows 🌈

Will she like me? Will we hit it off or have crickets? My stomach is churning on overdrive as I wait for her to arrive at the bar. An hour later my cheeks ache from laughter and non-stop conversation.

This is how meeting a new biz bestie usually goes for me because I’m an introvert 🤗 at my core, and meeting new people is nerve wracking. In this online world where SO MUCH communication happens in text, in-person connection is more crucial than ever before.

But guess what? Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to put yourself out there. I get it. I don’t always create rainbows  when I meet someone new, but those instances are few and far between, and making the effort to fill my circle with amazing women who get where I’m at now has enriched my life 10 fold!

#TuesdayTip: Connect with someone new, or even someone you know, but have only interacted with online. If in-person is feasible, DO IT. If not, a video Skype date is also ah-mazing.

Here are my favorite ways to make this happen:

  • Reply to every “where do you live?” thread in Facebook groups. If you find people near you, make a date.
  • If you jive with someone online, ask to have a Skype 1-on-1.
  • Attend LIVE biz and/or personal development events. I go to at least 1 a quarter! BONUS: set up live or Skype 1-on-1s with the women you hit it off with.
  • Anytime you go to a new city announce your travels or ask for recommendations on what to see/do through your biz social media accounts or in Facebook groups so you can ferret out who’s local.

You may get brush offs or flakes - KEEP GOING. Tell yourself you’re getting one step closer to finding that PURE GOLD new bestie.

I just got back from a whirlwind week in Austin, TX where I enjoyed 👯, 🎶, and  🌮: friends, music @ ACL, and breakfast tacos, among other culinary goodies. I made it a point to connect with my LOVELY pal Jewell who lives there. We were in the same group program earlier this year and met in Paris last April, and let me tell ya, our conversation did not skip a beat!

Comment below to tell me any amazing stories about in-person connection that you have - I’d love to hear!


P.S.  I’m raising the price of Copy Rescue on 10/15. Hit me up ASAP if you want in on 90 minutes of copy transformation. Copy Rescue let’s you jazz up your copy NOW, and learn skills and techniques you can use for infinity and beyond!

Do THIS each time you communicate to your peeps

A flyer arrives in your inbox for a free appetizer at the hot, new restaurant down the street - SCORE. You go in with your BFF 👯 to claim your spinach and artichoke dip, and you both just have to have one of their signature artisan cocktails. And heck, it’s your night out so why not each grab an entree?! Before you know it, you're both full to the brim on awesome food and making plans to come back in a few weeks.

Guess what? You’ve just been FUNNEL’D.

The coupon for the free appetizer = a lead magnet. The drinks and entrees = upsells!There is one thing this simple funnel did amazingly well... it led you to the next natural step. Get the coupon and the next step is to go to the restaurant. Then the waiter takes over from there and leads you through ordering drinks, appetizers, entrees, and dessert.

Us online biz owners have oodles of opportunities to put this same principle to work in everything - videos, social media posts, blogs, all of it!

So, are you inviting your client to take the next natural step?

It’s asking for comments or share, directing them to a landing page, or even asking for the sale. Anytime you communicate with your audience, invite them to take the next step.

Comment below to let me know what magic ✨ happens when you implement this into your communications! I predict you'll have new people commenting, writing back, or sharing in no time 😁

[#TuesdayTip] The 1 thing your about page needs to do

I have a friend who’s had a blog for ages. For as long as I’ve known her she has had her “About Me page” on her To-Do List, and it remains an untouched. The thing is, she’s not alone. I know multiple women who haven’t put anything on this key page of their sites! Are you one of them?

No sugarcoating here - the about page is important. Your clients want to know about the person they are buying from.


Is your About page blank? If it is, what’s holding you back from gettin’ ‘er done? Be honest. Do you feel like you aren’t interesting enough, qualified enough, old enough, experienced enough? I’m here to tell you:

You are MORE than enough. You are amazing as you are, and you get to have an amazing About Page right now.

I won’t stand for another woman letting woman feeling “UGH” when she thinks about her about page, so that’s what today’s tip is all about.

#TuesdayTip: All your about page needs to do is show why you’re the perfect woman for the job right now.

You don't need to tell your whole life story in your about page. Focus on why you’re the perfect woman for the job now. If that involves delving into select moments of your past, go for it. If not, focus on why you are doing what you are doing now.

Why did you start this business?

What do you STAND FOR?

If you have relevant qualifications include them. If not, don’t worry about it. Comment below to let me know what you come up with!

Are you getting this in your biz? [Part 3 of 3]

It’s Saturday and I’m celebrating my BIRTHDAY (it’s on the 27th but today is my party 🎉). I'll be spending the day enjoying a wine & charcuterie picnic on my Lisa Frank party plates (yep, that's the theme!). I’m going to make this short and sweet since I know you may have some social activities planned yourself!

Recap: I’m sharing the 3 mega mindset shifts I made that led me to doubling my biz this month.

SHIFT 1: I stopped attaching pain to my progress.

SHIFT 2: F**k the rules.

If you read the first email in the series, I shared how I felt like I was hitting an invisible brick wall every month. What I didn’t tell you was that I invested in a specific kind of support to BLAST through that wall for good. Not a coach, a mentor, a therapist, a course, or a Doctor (though I have invested thousands in all of these things). I invested in an energy healer.

Frankly, I’m pretty new to the woo-woo world of all things spiritual. If you would have explained what chakras were to me last summer, my eyes would’ve popped out of the top of my skull from rolling so hard, but over the past year I grew to love the woo. Last month when I diagnosed my recurring invisible wall problem, I knew the one place I hadn’t gone for support was with my energy, so I went there. You would not go to a masseuse for heart surgery. Specific challenges require specific support.

SHIFT 3: Get Support

It can take a village to get momentum going. None of us were meant to go on this journey alone. If the area you need support in is copy, then I’m your gal!

I emailed my list a special birthday offer on Copy Rescue today. If you want to know what it was, contact me!

Living in this trap? [Part 2 of 3]

Yesterday I sent my newsletter at 8:55pm my time. This was HUGE for me. Why? Because I sent it out of “biz hours.” Up until recently I felt like a big lame-o when I didn’t get around to making my social media posts or sending my emails until night. I felt like newsletters should go out in the morning and all my posts should be made by 5pm. Why? I honestly have no idea. My rule about time doesn’t matter. It’s all relative anyway. I have clients in the UK and Australia. To repurpose an old adage, “it’s business hours somewhere.”

My mentor pointed out that I have a whole slew of janky rules that I’ve put around how I should show up in my business. This brings me to…

SHIFT 2: F**k the rules.

Don’t lock yourself in a self imposed cage of rules. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Take action in your biz where/when/how it feels good to you. BONUS points if you celebrate each step of the way like I recommended yesterday :)

Homework: Write down all the rules you put on how you must show up in your business. Cross out those which don’t fit in your life or feel like shoulds. Write down how you want to show up in your biz instead.

Contact me to tell me which rules you are going to say SAYONARA to ASAP.