[2017 Reflections] The one mindset you need to have for success in life

It's almost a new year and I'm in reflection mode. 

In reality, it's really just another day but there is something about writing 2018 instead of 2017 that feels like a fresh start, and if that's all I need to make a shift that brings me closer to my vision, I'm ok with that.

I read an amazing astrology article a few days ago and got the following advice for my 2018 Libra year:

This year is about finishing up what began in 2016, and allowing yourself to thrive in it. It is about making serious relationship commitments, becoming more financially stable than ever, and adjusting to your highest vision of yourself – because deep down, that’s who you’ve been all along.

All I can say BRING IT ON.

The past 2 years have been the most challenging and growth filled years of my life....

  • I ended a toxic 2.5 year relationship
  • I made my first huge investments in my business
  • I faced myself head on through having high level coaches for biz and love
  • I requested a layoff from my job of nearly 7 years
  • I went full time in my business and had some rough months of no sales
  • I felt like I had to move home and cancel my trip to  (but it ended up being exactly what I needed)

Here's the thing about all these moments... they provided growth.

If I had focused on the outcome during all these things, I would have felt like crap a lot of time. Things weren't looking how I wanted them to pretty much any of the time.

Sometimes the only way I could keep my sanity was focusing on what i was learned as each of these things unfolded, which leads me to the thought I wanted to leave you with today...

Growth mindset is the one mindset that will serve you in any situation.

As I look into 2018.... I've got some big personal and professional goals. I'm releasing how it needs to look. I know the Universe will give me the love, financial freedom, and health I desire even if it doesn't look how I think it needs to, and it will certainly give me chances to grow along the way.

Here's to 2018! It's my year, and it's yours too.

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P.S. What is your #1 goal in 2018? Comment below to let me know!

[Behind the Scenes of an Online Business] The details of yesterday’s “failure”

I have a vulnerable share for you today, but I want to provide a real behind the scenes look of how it can be to run an online business so I swallowed my pride and decided to just let it all out. This is not everyone’s experience, but it is my experience.


As you may have noticed, I ran a sale over this past weekend for a 4-Hour Workshop. I had spots in this workshop for 15 beautiful unicorns 🦄 , and I was deeply discounting the price by 75%.

I sent several emails to my email audience, I did live broadcasts in my group and other peoples’ groups, and I also individually texted, emailed, and even called 40 ladies who I’ve had a personal connection with since starting my business to let them know about the offer.

Side note - if you think you’ll just be able to send mass emails and get results… Even people making tons of money still do individual reach outs to fill programs. It’s just a fact of life for most entrepreneurs.

Final Results: ONE beautiful lady enrolled in the workshop.

How did I initially feel?

Honestly, I felt like a bit of a failure. I felt unheard. Between you and me, this is not the first launch (or even the 2nd) where I’ve had 0-1 sales. There have been more than I can count. Ouch.

But I knew I could NOT stay in this headspace for long, so I shifted.

What is amazing about this situation?

  • I get to provide 1:1 support to an amazing lady who has been in my community for almost half the year and who TOOK ACTION when an opportunity was presented to her.
  • I get to learn more about how to communicate to my audience in a way that speaks to them, which is never a bad thing.
  • I get to practice picking myself up and getting back to it (a necessary skill for an entrepreneur).
Brand Gals-Hollie-56.jpg

I still have value. I still provide great service to others. I still make a difference, regardless of how this launch went.

Do you see the shift I made? Instead of focusing on the outcome, I shifted to focus on how I’m learning and growing from the situation.

When you focus on growth instead of the outcome, you never fail.

Focusing on the growth allows you to feel better (in a higher vibration) no matter what is happening to you. Being in a high vibe is critical to manifesting anything.

I’m NOT sharing this to play the victim card, garner any kind of sympathy or responses explaining why you may or may not have enrolled in the workshop, or make you feel bad in any way for not enrolling.

The fact of the matter is, it’s my job to get to know you and your challenges better so I can create offers that serve you and this one missed the mark.

I’m sharing this to be transparent and real, and to inspire.

If you are going through the same thing in your business or in some other area of your life - feeling like a failure - then I invite you to look at growth.

You are in charge of your mind, and you must learn to manage it.

I’m not a failure. I’m able to support myself with my own business which has always been a dream of mine. I’ve made multiple 5 figures in my business. Things are moving in the right direction, but I am still growing (and I’ll never stop).

If this message served you in any way, comment below to let me know.

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P.S. I have a new summit launching December 11. If you're a subscriber, watch your email for the details. I'll also be posting on social media!

The cure to working ALL DAY but getting nothing done

Have you ever worked all day only to feel like you got nothing done at the end of the day?

I certainly have, and it SUCKS. Days like that leave me feeling like a failure.

If I’m honest, being productive has been one of my biggest obstacles these past few months.

Can you relate?

This past week I spent 3 days at the Zone Event in Palm Springs. To say it was amazing is an understatement....


Picture of me with billionaire Jesse Itzler!

I learned a ton, but my biggest takeaway was how to be more productive.

Never again will I spend all day "working" but getting nothing done.

Here is how I’m doing this.

  • Every night I write down everything I need to do the next day.
  • I choose the top 2-4 things I MUST do no matter what, and I make peace that everything else would be ok to linger till the next day. The number varies between 2-4 depending on how many meetings I have booked.
  • I fill in my hourly schedule with my booked meetings.
  • THEN, this is the new part, I fill in the remaining open time with blocks to do the 2-4 “must do” activities that day.

I’m using a Mini Day Designer planner (and have been all year) which is PERFECT for this type of planning. In 2018, I’m using the Special Edition Desire Map Daily Planner, which is also designed perfectly for this system.

That’s it! This simple shift of TIME BLOCKING my must do activities has completely transformed my productivity the past 2 days. I’m a HUGE fan.

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P.S. Imagine if you could end each day feeling complete, accomplished, and productive? That's my new normal. Will you try time blocking? Reply to let me know.

I never intended to share this...

I have a vulnerable share for you today. When I sat down to write to you, I had a totally different intention in mind, but this came out instead...

Back in August 2016, I bought a $1000 program at a live event. This program was supposed to teach me how to build my email list via a summit.

I had a sense that I really needed the program, a feeling that it would truly alleviate some of my problems, but I also felt extremely emotional as I handed over my credit card and I couldn’t really pinpoint why.

Fast forward two months, and I still hadn’t done sh** towards getting my summit off the ground.

Have you ever signed up for something and not followed through?

You get all excited and hopeful. THIS will be the time you go to the gym every day, or the time you ACTUALLY finish the online course....

I know I have done that before, and I realize in hindsight that’s exactly why I was emotional that day. I was handing over $1000 and on some level I thought I was throwing money out the window because I didn’t have an ounce of faith in myself to actually follow through.

A lady from the company I purchased the program from called me out of the blue to see how my summit was coming along, and boy did I cry like a baby to her.

After holding the space for my breakdown, she did something miraculous. She called me up.

She said this wasn’t about doing the summit. The summit was just a vehicle for me to learn a greater lesson about how to trust myself.

The thing she could see was that my confidence in myself was utterly and completely shot. My word didn’t mean sh**, and I subconsciously knew it.

If I “said” I would do something, like follow through on creating a summit I paid $1000 to learn how to do, I had ZERO faith it would actually happen. In fact, I had a negative amount of faith in myself, if that’s possible.

I was like a bucket with holes on the bottom, constantly trying to hold more, only to have it slide out the bottom as fast as I could add it in.

After that call, I decided to take the summit head on. I was going to see this project to completion no matter what, and I did. The GO FOR IT Summit launched on February 6, 2017.

Yes, I built my email list with the summit, and that was great, but the hidden benefit I received from this process was CONFIDENCE & TRUST.

I was finally able to believe in and trust myself because I:

  • Decided to complete a project,
  • Committed to it 100%, and

You don’t have to do a summit to build confidence and trust in yourself, but you do have to make a commitment and follow through on it. The follow through is key 🔑

Start small… whether it’s going to the gym today when you say your will, or posting on Facebook everyday for a week, or sending out 2 emails a week for 4 weeks straight - commit to something and follow through.

Rinse and repeat this overtime and your confidence will soar.

Do you need a dose of CONFIDENCE, BELIEF, and/or TRUST in yourself? Comment below to tell me about it! We’re in this together.

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P.S. I’d love to hear from you, so if this post hit home for you, comment below to let me know.

I hate to break it to you, but...

I’m going to say what I’m really thinking, and I hope you don’t take it the wrong way.

Within the last few weeks I’ve had several ladies tell me they are waiting for their website to get designed before “getting going” with their businesses.

Here’s the problem… these same ladies tell me they want to be making money. They want clients.

I hate to break it to you, but a fancy website DOES NOT MATTER when you want to start getting clients.

Don’t get me wrong, I can totally understand the urge to put your best foot forward visually. In fact, I did 2 photoshoots and paid a web designer within my first 6 months of business (and I highly recommend all the service providers I used, so this statement has nothing to do with them).

But here’s the thing, when I look back at those purchases I can see that they were just expensive, shiny, pretty distractions I put between me and doing the real work I needed to do to get my biz off the ground. I got myself several thousand dollars in the hole and had no clients to show for it.

An example on the flipside - one of my colleagues has sold over $60,000 in coaching services since April, and she has NO WEBSITE AT ALL. How did she do it? In her case, she built an email list via a summit, and sold to it.

I don’t know about you, but I’d feel much better dropping several thousand on a website and photos if I knew I had $60,000 coming in vs going into debt for it.

The reason I’m sharing this with you is to lift the veil on what’s really important when it comes to making money in your biz.

To make money in your biz you must CONNECT & ENGAGE with your audience.

The way you do that is through your WORDS - written and spoken.

Are you putting obstacles in your own path? Are you avoiding the “hard” work in favor of easier tasks that give you a false sense of progress?

Pouring your heart and soul into writing an email or a post that gets crickets or facing rejection on a sales call isn’t easy. I’ve gotten THIRTY NOs in a row before. THIRTY.

But guess what? You learn from it. You tweak. You post again or have another call, and you get closer and closer until all the sudden you finally get that YES.

One of my favorite Marie Forleo quotes says it best:

“Clarity comes from engagement, not thought.”

Stop picking the low hanging fruit… and start doing the real work that will get you the success you crave.

Once I started do this… I got my first client and went on to make multiple 5-figures in 8 months, triple what I made in the preceding 8 months, all while I was still in corporate America….

I’m hosting a FREE training this Monday, September 18, at 12pm PST/3pm EST to teach you the exact 4 things I tweaked to go from no clients (and several thousand in debt) to serving over 30 different people in 8 months.


Topic: The Weird Shift in Focus that Tripled Income (without spending tons of money)

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It’s time to make more money in your business 🤑. Let’s go! See you live on Monday 😉.


P.S. If you build it they will come is NOT true. You can have the nicest site in the world, but not a soul will see it if you’re not connecting or engaging with your audience. It’s time to start focusing on actual money making activities. Register here so I can show you on Monday at 12pm PST.

How I really got my first client

I have a story for you today. It’s the story about how I got my first client, and it happened differently than I thought it would.

See, I thought I would get a client through Facebook Ads. Someone would see my amazing ad, sign up for my list, fall in love with me from 5 emails, book a discovery call, then buy. Piece of cake 🍰

I was so immersed in thinking that was the only way, that I forgot one important thing, that I was blind to any of the multitude of other ways I could attract a client to me.

After my first 6-month coaching program ended without me getting a client, I felt defeated and lost.

I thought... maybe I’m offering the wrong thing! I should change my focus. I’m really good at tech, I’m going to help people implement their tech systems!

Have you ever jumped to the conclusion that things weren’t working for you because maybe your were offering the wrong service? That you weren’t “aligned” enough?

Instead of connecting with others to talk about my idea, I hid away to write a sick sales page for my tech services. I was so proud of said sales page, I shared it in a Facebook group I was a part of.

From that one share, I had a biz acquaintance ask me to write some website copy for her, and I said yes.

That, my friend, is how I got my first paying client.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because sometimes the things we are told about how business “should look” keep us locked in a box and blind to potential opportunities.

You have to have a great photos.

You have to have a nice logo.

You have to have a good website.

Can you see how all these things are about looking good? They have nothing to do with actually serving others… but being of service is the bedrock of a business!

I got my first client through CONNECTION, not through trying to figure out how to make a Facebook ad work, and certainly not from distracting myself with getting pretty photos and a fancy website.

CONNECTION is the one tweak I made that turned everything around for me, and I’m teaching you 4 shifts I made to build that connection (and ultimately triple my biz income) THIS Monday, September 18, at 12pm PST/3pm EST.


Topic: The Weird Shift in Focus that Tripled Income (without spending tons of money)

What: The 4 shifts I made to triple my income (you can implement these instantly)

Where: Zoom - click here to register

When: Monday, September 18, 2017 at 12pm PST/3pm EST



P.S. You are the only one with the power to turns things around, but let me give you the tools so you can do that. Click here to register for the free training.

The weird shift in focus that tripled my income

I can’t believe I’m going to admit this, but here it goes. I started my business in October 2015. Even though I had been “thinking about it” for a few years, I consider that date my start date, because that’s when I began working with my first high-level coach.

I found money I didn’t think I had to pay for that coach (because newsflash - most of us don’t have thousands of dollars 💰 laying around), so I was proud of myself for taking such a huge step.

I figured I had finally staked my claim to riches and the Universe would inevitably deliver. I thought the luxury car, fancy handbags, and first class flights would soon be mine, because I would be that person who makes $100K in 6 months (entitlement much? P.S. I actually don't care about any of that!).

The reality was, I heard crickets. In fact, I finished up that 6-month program I had joined, and still hadn’t gotten a single client. I didn’t land my first client until end of June 2016. Ouch.

During those first 8 months of business I thought I was doing all the right things…

I spent $$$ on my photos and website, I bought multiple online courses detailing the latest and greatest strategies, and I even spent some dough on Facebook Ads to build my list to a few hundred people.

There was one thing missing…. CONNECTION.

I was doing everything I could to procrastinate and avoid the REAL MEAT of what would make me successful - getting intimate with my audience.

I let my fear keep me from connecting and engaging with other people, being of service (even for free), and FIGURING OUT what people needed that I could provide (then delivering it).

The results were a big, fat 0.

Once I switched my focus to being consistently visible and connecting those around me, I landed my first client.

Then I went on to make multiple 5 figures in the next 8 months (all while I was still in my corporate job by the way).

Are you sitting there spinning your wheels day after day wondering when you’ll finally “make it big?”

Are you taking action but not getting anywhere closer to the financial freedom you crave?

If the answer is yes, then I hear you. I’ve been there before, and I know it sucks sometimes.

Luckily, all you need to do is make a simple tweak to your focus and stick with it. I want to uncover what that is for you on Monday during a FREE live training.


Topic: The Weird Shift in Focus that Tripled Income (without spending tons of money)

What You Will Learn: The 4 shifts I made to triple my income (you can implement these instantly)

Where: Zoom call - click here to register

When: Monday, September 18, 2017 at 12pm PST


You deserve to make the income you crave, but it’s time to start focusing on the right actions. If you’re ready to make it happen, click here.


P.S. Make sure you’re on live so you can get the free goodie I’m giving away!  Register here xoxo

That time I felt like a failure

Do you remember how I said I was going to Bali for 3 weeks in September? Well, I’m actually sitting in Santee, CA right now, not Ubud.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what gives?!

Well, I cancelled the trip. It would feel nice to say I “postponed” it, but that wouldn’t be authentic. Bali is still on my bucket list, but I have no plans to rebook it in the near future.

When I was thinking through the decision to cancel, I had a lot of thoughts some up….

If I cancel, it means I’m a failure.

What will other people think?!

I made such a big deal about this trip on social media, now I'm going to feel so stupid retracting it!

Here’s the thing I noticed: A lot of my thoughts were revolving around what others would think of the choice.

Can you relate?

Pardon my French, but f*** what other people think.

If I was going to get through making this choice, I realized fast that I couldn’t care about what other people thought.

I was also worried about what I would think about myself.

If I decide to cancel, would I feel like a failure? Would I regret it?

But guess what? I’m in control of my own thoughts, so I could decide to think whatever I wanted to.

When making a hard decision - it’s important to focus on what is best for you.

I realized what was best for me and for my business was to not take the trip.

Instead of thinking I was a failure, I reframed my thoughts. I focused on how making this choice was actually in greatest service to me and my vision for my business. It was a business decision.

As I sit here in ol’ Santee instead of Ubud, I honestly feel fine. Sure, the trip would have been a cool experience and I know I would have loved it, but being here isn’t bad. There are things I can love about it too.

The view from my favorite local hiking spot a few weeks ago - not too shabby!

The view from my favorite local hiking spot a few weeks ago - not too shabby!

Have you ever faced a tough decision where you were afraid to make the right choice because of what other people might think? I’d love to know I’m not the only one, so hit reply if this resonates.

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P.S. If you got this far, I just want you to know I appreciate you. Rock on!

I was scared to write this

It’s time for me to come clean. I had a lot going on these past few months.

I’ve been torn down to my most basic level, and to be honest with you I was embarrassed.

I thought, I have to conceal all of this until I’ve “processed” it more. How the f*** am I supposed to be seen as a leader with all this shit going down? I better hide it!

I kept waiting for things to “sting” less. I kept waiting to “heal.” What I’ve come to realize is there is healing in the sharing of it all and so that’s what I want to do today.

These past few months everytime I said “I’ll never have to ____,” sure shootin’ that very thing would come pass.

This happened with many things (some of which I’ll have to save for another time), but I want to share one with you today.

I used to think “I’d rather do anything else but live with my parents!” or “I’ll never have to move home, that happens to other people but it won’t happen to me!”

But then, all the sudden. I had to. 

And that was that. Notice was given, and I made preparations to leave my beloved Los Angeles after an 11 year run.

There were many times I felt like a failure (this was one of the things I REALLY didn’t want to admit to you).

The moving date came and went, and before I knew it me and all my things were settled into glorious Santee, CA.

What I didn’t expect was…. It hasn’t been that bad here.

In fact, there are lots of things I like about my living situation now. And while I do love LA, I honestly haven’t missed it.

There is a certain kind of freedom in uprooting abruptly and in doing the things I never thought I’d have to do.

I can truly say I’ve hit a rock bottom after all the changes I've made the past few months. The thing about hitting rock bottom is that there’s only way to go - up!

Here’s what I realized in all of this “turmoil:”

  1. There is no “have to.” I always have a choice. The power is always mine. It was my choice to move home. Yes, I did have alternative options. I’m not saying they were appealing options, but there were some, and this was what I chose.
  2. Gratitude is power. Instead of hating on living at home, I turned to gratitude for it. I’m so lucky I have the option to move home. Many others in my position don’t. I am blessed.
  3. Support is crucial. Between my love coaching group, my business coaching group, and my friends and family - I have my fair share of support, and I’ve set myself up that way on purpose, I don’t think I could have made it through everything without this network.
  4. I’m never alone. As soon as I started sharing what was happening with my friends, family, and coaching groups I had tons of people tell me about times when they had to do the same thing. They had all made it out ok, so I knew I would too.
  5. Vulnerability brings healing. I’m tired of telling myself not to be real with you. I”m tired of telling myself I need to hide, or that being honest like this will make my potential clients run the other way. I can’t hide who I am and I don’t want to hide my truth, so here it is.

Are you going through something hard right now? There is healing in vulnerability. If you are willing to share it, hit reply to let me know what’s going on for you right now.

I would be honored to hold space, as you have done for me.

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P.S. I love having a dog now! One of the big perks of being here. Who wouldn’t want to see this cute little face everyday??