3 Tips to Build Your List with a Quiz

Here's the deal... you don't have a business if you don't have buyers.

I recommend that you build an email list in order to create a pool of potential buyers to marketing to.

I organized and hosted an online summit about email marketing this past December. During that summit I interviewed 28 experts all about how they've used email marketing to build their businesses.

Guess what tip was shared the most? Quizzes.

Specifically, quizzes as a way to build and segment your list.

Right after my summit concluded, I was invited to partner with Interact to build a quiz. Talk about timely!

Now that I've built my first quiz, here are my top 4 tips to build your list with a quiz:

1: Decide what would add value for your audience.

Look, a quiz about "which Disney Princess are you?" is fun and all, but does it really add any value for your audience? Instead, think about what insight you can give to your audience that will help them move closer to the end result you help them achieve.

In my case, I help people get more clients, so I decided to make my first quiz a personality quiz that bucketed each quiz taker into one of 4 categories and provide specialized advice to attract more clients based on which category them ended up in.

2: Determine what would be helpful for you to know about your audience.

A quiz is a natural way to segment people into different groups. Why not choose categories that would make your life easier in some way? For example, if you are a business coach you could make a quiz to diagnose where your audience members are getting stuck in the process. Maybe they are low on leads or maybe they have plenty of leads but lose people when they have the selling conversations. 

Knowing which category a person falls in means you can cater future email communications to speak directly to them and their specific challenges. In my first quiz, I offered 3 personalized tips for attracting more clients depending on which result the respondent got, but only if she opted in with her email.

Interact integrates with tons of CRMs and makes tagging people based on their results SUPER easy in the Integration portion of your quiz building process.

3: Make it fun!

Just because your quiz should add value and segment your peeps doesn't mean it can't be fun! I really like how easy this is with Interact. Try coming up with a fun theme for your quiz (I naturally chose Unicorns) and use lots of pictures in the quiz. You can even use pictures as answer choices!

Now for the moment of truth...



Ready to build a quiz of your own?

Sign up for Interact yourself by clicking here. There are tons of pre-made quizzes which make the process SUPER easy!

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