Why no one is buying

I'm gonna get straight to the point today because I have the feeling you might not be making the kind of income you want to from your biz yet.

Here's the deal, people aren't buying you because they don't like you or what you're doing. Get over yourself. 

The real reason no one is buying from you is... you are selling something no one wants to buy and you need to get better.

Now let me explain...

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You have to hook into the VALUE you have for the people you serve. Then highlight that in your copy over and over again.

Here's what usually happens. Say you're a love coach and you want to teach people how to love themselves because you know that that's really what women need to attract their dream partners. 

So all you do is talk about self-love, self-love, and self-love. But no one buys.

YOU KNOW self-love the solution to your ideal clients' problems so why is it not working? What gives?!?!?

It's not working because you are not hooking into the VALUE of what you have to offer.

The VALUE is tied to the end result the client wants, NOT the end result you want for the client. #mindblown

You want you client to love herself, but the reality is she is not there. All she wants is to have a boyfriend (that was me in November 2016 by the way).

So what do you do instead?

You talk all about how she can find her man by working with you, over and over again in various ways. Now she is hooked and signs up for your program. She gets her man in January 2018 (true story, this is my story), and what you GAVE her to get her there was self-love and inner work, so you're happy too cause you delivered what you knew works.

Plus, you gain a raving fan screaming your name from the rooftops!

If you stay stubborn about the self-love angle, then no one wins. No one gets the result you can give because no one *hears* what you are saying.

In summary: get better by speaking to your value as the client see's it.

You matter and make a difference - own it!

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