How finding my boyfriend led to a business breakthrough

Quick story for you. It probably won't seem business related but I promise it pays off in the end.

Over a year ago I signed up for a Love Coach to find my man. Last month, my new man asked me to be his girlfriend. It was heavenly, romantic, swoon-worthy, all that jazz.

I know I'm cutting out a lot of the details but there was QUITE a journey to get to that point, and I shared it ON STAGE at my Love Coach's live event on Sunday.

I shared that I actually had been seeing someone else for nearly 3 months, and he had a lot of great qualities, but I never asked what he was looking for. When I finally did... I confirmed what I already intuitively knew. He didn't want a relationship and I did, so I ended it.

I matched with my now boyfriend just 3 days later.

Someone in the audience asked: what dating site did I meet my new boyfriend on?

What came out of my mouth totally felt channeled and uber-wise...

"What site I met him on didn't matter, what mattered was that I drew my line in the sand after breaking up with the other guy. I was taking a stand for the relationship I wanted no matter what. It was that firm moment of power that made the difference."

Now, let's bring this back to business. I know you probably have a desire to make more money, get more clients, or just feel like your dang business is working.

What I propose to you today is that if you are still feeling a struggle in your business, like I did when I was dating the guy who had a lot of what I wanted on paper but wasn't showing up for me, then it is time for you to have a line in the sand moment too.

My line in the sand moment in dating was a huge breakthrough moment for me, and I don't know about you but when I have a breakthrough in one area I tend to have it in other areas too...

My line in the sand moment in my business came a few weeks ago at my in-person mastermind meeting. Fresh off of months of on and off corporate job hunting, I decided I was tired of being the girl crying about how her business wasn't where she wanted to be (I cried so much at the event - true story!).

Instead... I drew a line in the sand.

See, I spent much of last year fighting my business. What I didn't realize is that I was CHOOSING to be in business, yet fighting it, getting pissed at it, etc. Something clicked at that mastermind and I decided I was done with fighting things and feeling shitty.

Being in business is my choice, so I will own it fully.

I made some tweaks and got a $5.5K sale soon after.

If you aren't getting something you want, draw a line in the sand on what is holding you back from it and MOVE FORWARD. BTW - this is NOT EASY to do but if you wanted easy, you wouldn't have chosen entrepreneurship!

Where do YOU need to draw a line in the sand? Comment below to let me know!