Swipe this promo sequence outline for your flash sale!

I hope you enjoyed my email last night with Flash Sale tips. If you missed it, you can check out the details here!

Today, I’m sharing with you the exact email sequence I’d send if I was going to run a 24-hour flash sale

  • Email 1: Teaser day before the sale, tell your audience to watch out for it

  • Email 2: Straightforward email - announce the sale, who it’s for, what challenge it solves, and what’s included

  • Email 3: A Heartfelt story with a call to action to buy

  • Email 4: 2 sentences… Ask the reader if she still wants help on the challenge you’re solving, and if she hasn’t bought yet, invite her to reply with her question or hesitation (make sure you send this at a time when you can check your inbox after for replies)

  • Email 5: 1-2 hours before close - the last call to buy!

If you want to extend this sale to a longer period, add additional emails between emails 3 and 4. These additional emails can include case studies, testimonials, or stories!


If you want to supercharge your sale, you can add in the following:

  • Social media posts to go along with the emails (make it easy, leverage similar copy)

  • Facebook lives to promote this offer

  • Add a countdown timer to your emails (go to http://motionmailapp.com for a free one)

  • Reach out to people in your audience individually to make this offer - don’t rely on mass email and social media alone!

What helped you the most in this message? Comment below to let me know!