coming out

You know that moment when someone says something in totally normal conversation that hurts, but you hide the hurt and keep acting normal?

They don’t mean anything personal (btw - pro tip - nothing is ever personal)... but it hurts.

It hurts because it’s actually something you feel some kind of mental pain around.

Well, that’s been happening to me pretty often lately, and I haven't told anyone. 

I want to tell you about it now.

I’ve been on countless connection conversations and sales calls with new and established contacts, and across the board, many of them have said they don't know what I do.

I even met people I've known from online for at least 2 years each while I was in London this past week, and both of them said something along the lines of...

I don’t know what you’re offering right now or what you do.

Boy does that cut, and here's why.

My mentor and client Amy Yamada always says that you’ve known you’ve made it when other people can describe what you do without you even needing to be there.

Clearly, I’m far from this point because I still have people who don’t know what I do.

The realization I've been having about all of this is... Can I really blame them for not knowing what I'm doing? And that hurts because it shows me I'm doing this to myself.

Since I started my business, my messaging has said I'm a business coach, a life coach, a virtual assistant, a marketer for online influencers, an email marketing expert, a unicorn, a corporate escape coach, a copywriter, and probably loads of other things I don't even remember right now.

Here's what I know for sure: I’m damn good at supporting you with your message and copy.

Some of the recent results my clients have gotten working with me to get their message out there...

18 sales calls booked in a week

$20K sales in a weekend 

Yet I’m not following my own advice when it comes to my messaging... and that's stopping now. I have something to tell you:

Hi! I'm Hollie. It's nice to meet you. I am a Messaging Strategist & Copywriter for Coaches. I help you spark your next level message for an immediate uplevel in visibility, influence, and wealth.

I have a copywriting agency, and we are here to help you with the following:

  • Getting clear on your message (how to say what you do in a way that LANDS)

  • Website copy (home, about and sales pages)

  • Opt-in funnels (landing pages, thank you pages, and the welcome series)

  • Email copy for connection and/or lead generation

  • Marketing strategies for client engagement and retention

  • Copy for product and package fulfillment (courses and group programs)

We do this work with you and for you at different levels. We can guide you, or we can do it for you (we're cool like that).

What does all this mean for you? 

It means more clients, more money, bigger impact, and living the life you actually wanted when you started your business. 

Cool concept right?!

I'm so stoked to be on this journey with you and you come out as a Messaging Strategist & Copywriter (which is actually the one title I've used the most in my business so far).

What do you do? Comment below to let me know!

Me this past Sunday! This is why I do what I do… to travel and work from anywhere!

Me this past Sunday! This is why I do what I do… to travel and work from anywhere!