Steal my productivity routine

Quick story for you. Ever since I can remember... I've had days where I worked and worked, but I felt like I got nothing done.

I would toil away for hours and hours answering emails, looking things up on the internet, gathering information etc and by the end of the day I had made 0 progress.

Can you relate?

However I realized the issue wasn't really that I wasn't doing anything, it was just that I wasn't focusing on the right things that would move the needle.

Today I'm sharing what I did to fix that and finally become productive. Once I made this shift, I started ending my days feeling satisfied with what I had completed.

And let me be clear, me feeling satisfied is NOT dependent on checking off every item on an endless to-do list. The sooner you can detach your feelings of being productive from finishing a long to-do list ;)

My productivity routine:

  1. The night before, I determine my top 1-3 priorities. No more than 3. It's important to choose the things that will really move the needle vs just what's easy to check off. If you are starting a business on the side of corporate for example, then prioritize the activities that are closest to making actual money, vs just busy work.
  2. I also make sure I know my appointment schedule and I map out when I'll work on my top 3 items in between my appointments.
  3. The day of - it's a constant process of noticing when I stray from working on my top 3 and coming back to it. It's so easy for me to get distracted by emails for example! If I do, I'm kind to myself and just remind myself to get back to the top 3.

I use the Desire Map Daily Planner as a tool for all this. It's PERFECT. Each daily page has a spot for me to write out my schedule and my top 3. Plus there are daily journaling prompts that keep me connected and grounded. You can grab your 2018 copy here for $10 off!

Are you going to implement any of these 3 steps? Comment below to let me know!!!