That time I felt like a failure

Do you remember how I said I was going to Bali for 3 weeks in September? Well, I’m actually sitting in Santee, CA right now, not Ubud.

I’m sure you’re wondering, what gives?!

Well, I cancelled the trip. It would feel nice to say I “postponed” it, but that wouldn’t be authentic. Bali is still on my bucket list, but I have no plans to rebook it in the near future.

When I was thinking through the decision to cancel, I had a lot of thoughts some up….

If I cancel, it means I’m a failure.

What will other people think?!

I made such a big deal about this trip on social media, now I'm going to feel so stupid retracting it!

Here’s the thing I noticed: A lot of my thoughts were revolving around what others would think of the choice.

Can you relate?

Pardon my French, but f*** what other people think.

If I was going to get through making this choice, I realized fast that I couldn’t care about what other people thought.

I was also worried about what I would think about myself.

If I decide to cancel, would I feel like a failure? Would I regret it?

But guess what? I’m in control of my own thoughts, so I could decide to think whatever I wanted to.

When making a hard decision - it’s important to focus on what is best for you.

I realized what was best for me and for my business was to not take the trip.

Instead of thinking I was a failure, I reframed my thoughts. I focused on how making this choice was actually in greatest service to me and my vision for my business. It was a business decision.

As I sit here in ol’ Santee instead of Ubud, I honestly feel fine. Sure, the trip would have been a cool experience and I know I would have loved it, but being here isn’t bad. There are things I can love about it too.

The view from my favorite local hiking spot a few weeks ago - not too shabby!

The view from my favorite local hiking spot a few weeks ago - not too shabby!

Have you ever faced a tough decision where you were afraid to make the right choice because of what other people might think? I’d love to know I’m not the only one, so hit reply if this resonates.

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P.S. If you got this far, I just want you to know I appreciate you. Rock on!