I never intended to share this...

I have a vulnerable share for you today. When I sat down to write to you, I had a totally different intention in mind, but this came out instead...

Back in August 2016, I bought a $1000 program at a live event. This program was supposed to teach me how to build my email list via a summit.

I had a sense that I really needed the program, a feeling that it would truly alleviate some of my problems, but I also felt extremely emotional as I handed over my credit card and I couldn’t really pinpoint why.

Fast forward two months, and I still hadn’t done sh** towards getting my summit off the ground.

Have you ever signed up for something and not followed through?

You get all excited and hopeful. THIS will be the time you go to the gym every day, or the time you ACTUALLY finish the online course....

I know I have done that before, and I realize in hindsight that’s exactly why I was emotional that day. I was handing over $1000 and on some level I thought I was throwing money out the window because I didn’t have an ounce of faith in myself to actually follow through.

A lady from the company I purchased the program from called me out of the blue to see how my summit was coming along, and boy did I cry like a baby to her.

After holding the space for my breakdown, she did something miraculous. She called me up.

She said this wasn’t about doing the summit. The summit was just a vehicle for me to learn a greater lesson about how to trust myself.

The thing she could see was that my confidence in myself was utterly and completely shot. My word didn’t mean sh**, and I subconsciously knew it.

If I “said” I would do something, like follow through on creating a summit I paid $1000 to learn how to do, I had ZERO faith it would actually happen. In fact, I had a negative amount of faith in myself, if that’s possible.

I was like a bucket with holes on the bottom, constantly trying to hold more, only to have it slide out the bottom as fast as I could add it in.

After that call, I decided to take the summit head on. I was going to see this project to completion no matter what, and I did. The GO FOR IT Summit launched on February 6, 2017.

Yes, I built my email list with the summit, and that was great, but the hidden benefit I received from this process was CONFIDENCE & TRUST.

I was finally able to believe in and trust myself because I:

  • Decided to complete a project,
  • Committed to it 100%, and

You don’t have to do a summit to build confidence and trust in yourself, but you do have to make a commitment and follow through on it. The follow through is key 🔑

Start small… whether it’s going to the gym today when you say your will, or posting on Facebook everyday for a week, or sending out 2 emails a week for 4 weeks straight - commit to something and follow through.

Rinse and repeat this overtime and your confidence will soar.

Do you need a dose of CONFIDENCE, BELIEF, and/or TRUST in yourself? Comment below to tell me about it! We’re in this together.

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P.S. I’d love to hear from you, so if this post hit home for you, comment below to let me know.