How I really got my first client

I have a story for you today. It’s the story about how I got my first client, and it happened differently than I thought it would.

See, I thought I would get a client through Facebook Ads. Someone would see my amazing ad, sign up for my list, fall in love with me from 5 emails, book a discovery call, then buy. Piece of cake 🍰

I was so immersed in thinking that was the only way, that I forgot one important thing, that I was blind to any of the multitude of other ways I could attract a client to me.

After my first 6-month coaching program ended without me getting a client, I felt defeated and lost.

I thought... maybe I’m offering the wrong thing! I should change my focus. I’m really good at tech, I’m going to help people implement their tech systems!

Have you ever jumped to the conclusion that things weren’t working for you because maybe your were offering the wrong service? That you weren’t “aligned” enough?

Instead of connecting with others to talk about my idea, I hid away to write a sick sales page for my tech services. I was so proud of said sales page, I shared it in a Facebook group I was a part of.

From that one share, I had a biz acquaintance ask me to write some website copy for her, and I said yes.

That, my friend, is how I got my first paying client.

So why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because sometimes the things we are told about how business “should look” keep us locked in a box and blind to potential opportunities.

You have to have a great photos.

You have to have a nice logo.

You have to have a good website.

Can you see how all these things are about looking good? They have nothing to do with actually serving others… but being of service is the bedrock of a business!

I got my first client through CONNECTION, not through trying to figure out how to make a Facebook ad work, and certainly not from distracting myself with getting pretty photos and a fancy website.

CONNECTION is the one tweak I made that turned everything around for me, and I’m teaching you 4 shifts I made to build that connection (and ultimately triple my biz income) THIS Monday, September 18, at 12pm PST/3pm EST.


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