What is your superpower?

I’ve met a lot of unicorn 🦄  ladies lately who are called to start a business but have no idea what to offer. Does that describe you?

Well… it’s time to get over it! I’m giving you an exercise you can do ASAP to figure out your biz idea.

Uncover Your Superpower

Email, text or call at least 5 friends or family members and ask them what they perceive your strengths to be. Often we take our skills or talents for granted, and it takes the support of others to clearly see what stands out about us.

I’ll make it easy on you. Here’s the exact email I sent to my own friends and family back in February:

I really appreciate having you in my life.

Can I ask you for a favor? I'm completing a personal development exercise, and I was wondering if you could take a moment to let me know a few things you appreciate about me.

Whatever comes to mind first is absolutely perfect.

Thank you in advance!

Just BCC your friends and family on the email and watch the replies roll in!

Once you get some responses, look for the common themes. What stands out to you as a skill people value? How can you use that skill to serve others?

Comment below to let me know what comes out of this! I would love to hear.

P.S. It literally takes 5 minutes to do this exercise. I promise you your friends and fam will be receptive. Just hit send and get er done!