I've never done this before

In yesterday’s post, I talked about how 4ish years ago I knew I wanted something different for my life. I hated the job I was in, but what was even more painful than being in a job I hated was not knowing what I wanted.

I kept thinking… how can I know in my soul that what I’m doing isn’t right while simultaneously feeling like I had no idea what would make me happy?

The lack of clarity was crippling.

Have you ever felt this too?

So I took baby steps to get myself out of this place. It was not easy, and often times it felt like this:


The weight of trying to figure out my path forward was so heavy.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I didn’t have to go through this journey alone. There were actually other people out there who could help me.

Once I figured this out, I enlisted support. Because I was able to have others help me carry the weight, I moved along my path faster.

Are you in the same place?

Are you telling yourself things like: “Let me see what I can do myself?”

Listen, there is nothing wrong with that. My point is just, that it DOESN’T have to be so hard.

I’ll be honest with you… I wish I would have gotten support much sooner.

Women thrive in community with each other and flourish with support.

Your life goals and dreams are SO IMPORTANT. Why not make the journey to getting them a little easier?

There are no rewards for who can go through the most pain and mental anguish on her way to making her goal reality.


I cleared my calendar ALL DAY tomorrow for FREE 45-minute Discover Your Path sessions.

I’ve never given away a 45-minute call before, but when I was first starting out I was so unclear I know I could’ve used the extra time!

On this call we will get to the bottom of exactly what’s going on with you right now with your biggest goal, and come up with your customized plan to move forward towards that goal. Pretty sweet right?


This call is exactly the kind of thing I wish I would’ve taken advantage of sooner in my journey, so don’t miss your opportunity now! Book here.

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P.S. Take the first step towards making your dreams reality. Book a Discover Your Path session tomorrow. Speak to you then!