baby steps

I remember a time when all I wanted was something different. I had landed a job as an IT Auditor at a prestigious Big-4 accounting firm straight out of college, and I felt like I should have been happy.

As a business major, I had gotten the “dream job.” The corporate ladder was sprawled out ahead of me. All I needed to do was keep climbing.

After toughing out 3 “busy seasons” - code for 50 hour weeks minimum, PLUS commute time which was no joke in Los Angeles - I had had enough.

I wanted something different, but the truth was I had NO IDEA what that “something different” was. I was so out of touch with my own inner guidance system and desires, I didn’t know what would make me happy.

Now, I wish I could say I just said “f*** it” one day and gave notice, but I didn’t.


I look baby steps. One foot in front of the other, I moved forward.

I found a new position at the firm that allowed me to work from home a lot, and I realized I wanted location freedom in my work.

Because I had more personal time with my new job, I went through a health transformation, which led me to discover a podcast that showed me people got paid to health coach. Maybe I could do that?

Then I started following a blonde success coach because I thought I looked like her, and she showed me people coached on all sorts of things from anywhere in the world. Talk about freedom!

Slowly but surely, bits and pieces of what my “something different” became clear to me...

However, when I look back now, there is one thing I resisted that I wish I would have done sooner so I could have gone through this process a little faster. I’m going to share that one thing with you tomorrow, so look for that email.

Hallie_twotone copy.png

P.S. I’m doing a beta launch of a super sweet group program at a MAJORLY discounted rate soon. The program is all about guiding you through the first steps of making a career change (new job, quitting corporate, starting a business, etc!).

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