How to make your dream reality

Happy AUGUST! How’s your summer going?

There’s a lot happening over here at Hollie HQ. Between moving out of LA this past weekend (where I lived for 11 years) to running my biz and preparing for trips to Hawaii, Bali, and Palm Springs, I’m one busy unicorn 🦄✨

Full disclosure:  It was not always like this.  I spent nearly 7 years trapped in corporate doing work that bored me and left me feeling trapped, exhausted, and hopeless. My head was filled with thoughts like:

You’re never going to find a way out of corporate…

Maybe it’s only other people who can live their dreams, not you…

You should just give up…

My self worth would plummet and I’d pacify myself for another few months before trying again to make a change.

I’ll be honest with you: there is no quick fix for a lifetime of self-doubt. I couldn’t just snap my fingers, read a self-help book, and wake up transformed. It took a series of steps - sometimes fast and exciting and sometimes slow and painful - to get me to this place where I am truly creating my dream life.

Good news is it doesn’t have to take years of trial and error to create your dream life. You can actually take a step right now to quit corporate, start your dream biz, or finally take your dream trip with a single click.

For the few days, I’m offering a gift to you: one complimentary Make It Happen Strategy Call with me uncover your dream and create your plan to make it happen.

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