I have a confession to make...

I have to be honest. Last summer was not a good time in my business. I was facing some of the roughest mindset hurdles I’ve had yet. I couldn’t wrap my head around how to make time for my business when I had a corporate job (which I still have), personal life, and a healthy eating/exercise routine to maintain.

At the same time, I wanted nothing more than to get this business off the ground. I was in a never ending tailspin of making myself feel terrible for not being farther along while simultaneously resisting the hell out of making any changes to my life as it was. To get out of this place I had to ask myself some difficult questions and face the hard truth.

  • What’s my #1 priority right now? Building my business
  • Am I acting like I really want this business more than anything? Honestly, NO
  • What needs to shift? I need to make more time for my business by adjusting my other obligations as much as possible

This was a big moment for me because I realized I had been acting like an angry little girl with her arms folded - pissed she wasn’t getting what she wanted but not really doing what it takes to get it either. I was just mad it wasn’t happening.

What transpired from here was a rework of what I was spending my time on. I didn’t need to give up on anything, just reallocate my priorities. I didn’t have to go to every party, event, or concert - just the ones that excited me. I started waking up earlier to have time for my biz in the mornings before work. Just a few small shifts and I was already seeing my biz momentum grow.

What is your #1 priority right now? Does where you're spending your energy align to that? Send an email to tell me!